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Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology

Get an Understanding of Engineering Operations with a Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology

Bachelor of Science in Engineering TechnologyBachelor of Science in Engineering Technology Overview

A Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology degree provides an understanding of management in a changing environment, operations and project management, quality systems, human resources management techniques, and decision making that pertains to production, research and service organizations. It is a combination of practical and theoretical knowledge with concentrations in electronics, process plant, product design, test and evaluation, distribution and sales, manufacturing, operations, service and maintenance. To qualify for the bachelor’s program, students must finish their two years associate degree in engineering.

Engineering Technologists are significant part of the engineering team. They must have the capacity to create practical and workable results, install and control technical systems, formulate hardware from abstractions, produce and develop goods, service systems and machines, control construction and production processes, and provide revenue assistance for technical products and systems. Moreover, they should possess important qualities like critical thinking skills, math skills, prioritizing skills, monitoring skills, comprehension skills, writing and problem-solving skills.

They often work with engineers and researchers, especially in examination and product development, constructing or assembling equipment, preparing and running experiments, analyzing results, or making prototype versions of newly designed equipment. Others work in quality control of products and procedures, performing tests, and collecting data. In manufacturing, they may help in product design, development, or production. In many cases, the technologists are the one who develop ideas and turns them into reality.

With a Bachelor of Science in Engineering Science degree, students have the option to take further studies in technical management, advertising, sales and other customer relations or to concentrate on the technical side of their chosen field.

Some of the universities that offer this degree program are Western Illinois University, Dwight Look College of Engineering, Southeast Missouri State University, University of North Carolina, Central Michigan University, and University of Memphis.


After completing the bachelor’s degree program, students can take the Fundamental of Engineering assessment and should they pass the exam, they will be a certified Engineer-in-Training. Once they completed their required related work experience, they can take the Professional Engineer (PE) license examination. If they passed the assessment only then they are called Certified Professional Engineers.

Although certification is not a requirement for employment, it is still best to secure one for advancement of careers. Another certification the engineering technologists can have is the certificate from National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies (NICET). This certification may require an assessment and documentation, including recommendations, work experience and, for most programs, supervisor authentication of specific experience.

Employment Outlook

Based on the data from the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics the employment for engineering technicians and technologists may increase by 12% starting 2010 to 2020. They continuous growth of construction business and manufacturing industries may open more job opportunities for engineering graduates.  Moreover, with the growing population, there will always be the need for building various infrastructures, water systems and buildings. Engineering technologists and other engineering positions are part of this work.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics the top industries that are employing most number of engineers are Federal Executive Branch (OES Designation), Management of Companies and Enterprises, Employment Services, Scientific Research and Development Services and Architectural, Engineering, and Related Services. In addition, this profession has huge possibilities in industries like Computer and Peripheral Equipment Manufacturing, Scientific Research and Development Services, Architectural, Engineering, and Related Services, Pipeline Transportation of Crude Oil and Federal Executive Branch.

Salary of Engineering Technologists

In the reports of the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median yearly wage for engineers in May 2012 was $93,330. Although the salary of an engineering technologist was not specifically mention, the rough estimation would not be far from the overall average salary of those in engineering field.

With this promising benefits and challenging career, a Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology degree is really a great choice for a college education.

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Bachelors of Science in Computer Science

How to Earn Your Bachelors of Science in Computer Science Degree Online

Bachelor of Science in Computer ScienceWe are in the modern times where almost everything is influenced by information technology and computer applications. Even the education sector was not spared from the changes. Now students can choose to enroll under an online degree program instead of enrolling in a college or university. The online option has in fact grown in popularity over the years. This is because of the numerous advantages that it has over conventional studies. The foremost benefit is that enrollment is a lot cheaper. Another benefit is that the student is in full control of his schedule. He can choose whenever he wants to continue with the course and when to stop. This is very convenient for those who are on a tight schedule such as those working while studying. Another benefit is the fact that you can do it right at the comfort of your own home. No need to travel each day or live in a dormitory or apartment. You also need not interact with other students. This is very preferable for students who have an introvert personality. Bachelors of Science in Computer Science is one of the growing favorites in terms of online undergraduate programs.

What is Computer Science?

The degree program is all about teaching students how to compute and develop advanced technological software and solutions. You will gain more knowledge and skills not just on what computers can do but also on what makes them work. You will also gain competency in creating new systems or improving existing ones so that they can perform their functions faster and more efficiently. The course is very in demand nowadays because the career path it opens up is very easy and a graduate can find employment easily.

Careers and Salaries

Most companies from small retailers to huge corporations have computerized numerous of their vital processes such as:

  • Database Management
  • Internal Communications
  • Information Distribution

This is why the need for computer professionals is off the charts. Businesses need experts to run and maintain these computerized systems. Since the types of entities that may seek to hire graduates of Bachelor of Science in Computer Science are varied, the career paths available to seem countless. You can practice your degree in different positions such as:

  • Database Administrator
  • Computer Specialist
  • IT support Technician
  • Network System Analyst
  • Data Communication Analyst
  • Software Developer

Salaries of graduates also vary greatly and may range from $50,000 to $120,000 per year based on the qualifications earned, years of experience, the employer, and several other factors. The degree does not even require a license examination but it has the potential to pay more than the degrees that need their graduates to pass accreditation exams.

Degrees & Courses Available

The bachelor’s level is the most popular qualification level of the profession because it provides everything a student needs to enter the field of computer science and access most of the career paths open to graduates with zero work experience. Others who want to work as soon as possible can however take an associate’s level qualification which only takes to years. It equips the student with the necessary basic knowledge to allow him to work as an assistant. The bachelor can also aim for more advanced qualifications such as master’s or doctorate.

Common courses required in advanced classes are:

  • Theory of Computation
  • Databases
  • Computer Graphics
  • System Analysis
  • Computational Science
  • Algorithms
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Bachelor of Science in Real-time Interactive Simulation

The Basics of Using a Bachelor of Science in Real-Time Interactive Simulation Degree in the Real World

Bachelor of Science in Real-time Interactive SimulationVideo and computer games have greatly increased in quality over the decades. Many have reached the CGI quality of 3D box office movies. Gamers have become pickier regarding the games they play. The stiff competition among gaming companies continues to push the quality of products higher and higher. If you love games and want to make a living out of them then completing a degree in Bachelor of Science in Real-time Interactive Simulation might be the right path for you.

Course Definition

RTIS is Computer Science degree program that is focused on the technical side of computer graphics and simulations. It takes four years to complete just like most computer science courses. The initial years are focused on the development of a strong foundation and knowledge base in the subjects of mathematics, programming, and physics. Each year, students are tasked to form a team that is required to design and code their own game. Upon approval, they will then have to test it and release it to the public and obtain feedback. They will then utilize the feedback of their professors as well as the public to help improve the quality of the fully playable game they will develop in the succeeding year.

Course Completion

Graduates of the degree program will obtain the knowledge and skills to produce and develop very complex software and graphic systems mostly for use in video games and computer games at a professional level. They can immediately seek employment in the gaming industry and join a team that will compete with all others in attempts to develop the most advanced game yet.

Admissions Information

A Bachelor of Science in Real-time Interactive Simulation degree program is not for everybody. Being a hardcore gamer does not necessarily mean you can be a great game developer. You need to have strong foundations in mathematics and science since these two subjects are the ones that form the programming languages used today. You will also have competitive problem solving skills since you are likely to encounter the need to troubleshoot a lot during the testing phase of your game. If you love games and excel in your math and science classes then by all means enroll in a RTIS program.

Topics Covered

Students of the degree program will learn the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge to do the following:

  1. Program

The students will be able to code and simulate various kinds of games from simple text based ones to the complex and advance three-dimensional ones.

  1. Draft

The students will learn to document design and technical related information and progress of their game development to aid in the scheduling and organization of game production.

  1. Implement

The students will be able to create and activate advanced and convenient graphical user interfaces that will allow gamers to access and control the game.

  1. Create

The students will be able to create reliable and smart artificial intelligence and apply them to the game environment especially the non-player characters or NPCs.

  1. Apply

The students will be able to map local area and online networks to allow gamers to enjoy multi-player experience.

Career Outlook

Students who successfully complete the degree program will be well equipped and more than ready to compete for entry and intermediate level positions in the gaming industry. They will be able to showcase the knowledge and skills they have acquired to obtain employment in various fields in general software and game development which may include but is not limited to:

  • Artificial Intelligence Programmer
  • Engine and Tools Programmer
  • Gameplay Programmer
  • Quality Assurance Engineer
  • Software Architect
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Bachelor of Information Systems

Bachelor of Information Systems – Online Degree Options

Bachelor of Information SystemsInformation is very important because it is where decisions are based. This is the reason big companies and corporations have their own departments that specialize in the gathering and interpretation of data and information. The computer is the common vessel used for the storage of information because of its practicality and ease of retrieval. One computer can take the place of hundreds of rooms of filing cabinet’s worth of information. The data in a computer is also in virtual form and a backup can be maintained securely in cyberspace. These pieces of information are invaluable and it is essential that someone be appointed to safeguard and manage them.

Duties and Obligations

An individual employed for the knowledge and skills he had acquired while obtaining his Bachelor of Information Systems degree is tasked with the management and security of the information. He is to formulate ways to improve the how information is stored and retrieved. The processes should be simple and easy to understand. The processes should also be quick. He is also in charge of making sure that only authorized personnel can access the information and that no unauthorized copies or leakages can be manufactured. He is tasked to setup firewalls and encryption in order to prevent hacking. The modern age has made the need for such an employee vital which is why the number of universities and colleges offering the course is steadily increasing.

Online Option

The need for Bachelor of Information Systems degree holders is massive and education institutions are focused on increasing their reach in providing the necessary qualifications to aspirants. Online schools can offer the degree in various qualifications from associate, to bachelor, to master, and finally to doctor. The primary benefit of the said option is the chance of studying at the comfort of one’s own home. This will also allow you to save the money that otherwise would have been spent on your transportation as well as food and lodging. Your schedule will also be your own since you can take the classes anytime you want.

Massive Resource Materials

You will have a limitless supply of materials that can help you with the online lessons as long as you know where to look. You can turn to online sessions and conferences, webinars or web seminars, virtual tutorials, information system related forums, relevant articles, and many more. Whenever there is something in the lesson that you are having difficulty with, you can always consult Google or your favorite search engine for some intelligent advice.

Course Focus

The degree is centered on providing students with the necessary knowledge, skills, and analytical and critical thinking skills to qualify for professional information systems work. Theoretical lessons will lay down the foundations to equip their minds with everything they need to know such as how computer systems work and a lot more. Practical training will give them hands on experience and an idea and feel of what they will experience when they start practicing the profession. Troubleshooting activities will help enhance their abilities to identify and solve problems.

Advance Qualifications

A bachelor can upgrade his degree to master or doctor by taking advanced education. Unlike other subjects however, advancement can only be attempted after the individual has accumulated a specified amount of experience. The bachelor should also make a significant contribution to the community using a thesis that puts to use all he has learned.