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Bachelors of Science in Computer Science

How to Earn Your Bachelors of Science in Computer Science Degree Online

Bachelor of Science in Computer ScienceWe are in the modern times where almost everything is influenced by information technology and computer applications. Even the education sector was not spared from the changes. Now students can choose to enroll under an online degree program instead of enrolling in a college or university. The online option has in fact grown in popularity over the years. This is because of the numerous advantages that it has over conventional studies. The foremost benefit is that enrollment is a lot cheaper. Another benefit is that the student is in full control of his schedule. He can choose whenever he wants to continue with the course and when to stop. This is very convenient for those who are on a tight schedule such as those working while studying. Another benefit is the fact that you can do it right at the comfort of your own home. No need to travel each day or live in a dormitory or apartment. You also need not interact with other students. This is very preferable for students who have an introvert personality. Bachelors of Science in Computer Science is one of the growing favorites in terms of online undergraduate programs.

What is Computer Science?

The degree program is all about teaching students how to compute and develop advanced technological software and solutions. You will gain more knowledge and skills not just on what computers can do but also on what makes them work. You will also gain competency in creating new systems or improving existing ones so that they can perform their functions faster and more efficiently. The course is very in demand nowadays because the career path it opens up is very easy and a graduate can find employment easily.

Careers and Salaries

Most companies from small retailers to huge corporations have computerized numerous of their vital processes such as:

  • Database Management
  • Internal Communications
  • Information Distribution

This is why the need for computer professionals is off the charts. Businesses need experts to run and maintain these computerized systems. Since the types of entities that may seek to hire graduates of Bachelor of Science in Computer Science are varied, the career paths available to seem countless. You can practice your degree in different positions such as:

  • Database Administrator
  • Computer Specialist
  • IT support Technician
  • Network System Analyst
  • Data Communication Analyst
  • Software Developer

Salaries of graduates also vary greatly and may range from $50,000 to $120,000 per year based on the qualifications earned, years of experience, the employer, and several other factors. The degree does not even require a license examination but it has the potential to pay more than the degrees that need their graduates to pass accreditation exams.

Degrees & Courses Available

The bachelor’s level is the most popular qualification level of the profession because it provides everything a student needs to enter the field of computer science and access most of the career paths open to graduates with zero work experience. Others who want to work as soon as possible can however take an associate’s level qualification which only takes to years. It equips the student with the necessary basic knowledge to allow him to work as an assistant. The bachelor can also aim for more advanced qualifications such as master’s or doctorate.

Common courses required in advanced classes are:

  • Theory of Computation
  • Databases
  • Computer Graphics
  • System Analysis
  • Computational Science
  • Algorithms
College Degree Computer Degrees Recent Degree Added Tech Bachelor Degrees Tech Degrees Technical Bachelor Degrees Technology Degrees

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

A Glimpse in World of Computers With a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science Degree

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Computer Science Overview

Modern automobiles that include different attributes like engine management, anti-lock braking, windscreen wipers and numerous daily gadgets including digital radios, video, washing machines, smartphones and tablets are all by product of sophisticated computing technology or computer science. Computer science can be thoroughly learned by studying Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.

A Bachelor of Science in Computer Science degree is study of programs, theories and rules which results in the usage of information. This science involves examining the mechanization, expression of arrangement and algorithms, which are systematic procedures for solving problems. It is the analysis of computation theories as well as the way in which they affect computer programs.

Computing nevertheless, doesn’t always entail computers. Actually, these sorts of problems were present long before computers did. The data which computer experts found, procedure, store, and carry is often programmed into a computer memory in either bytes or bits. Bits assist within the transmitting of documents between devices, whereas bytes are the absolute most fundamental units used to quantify info and storage.

Graduates of computer science degree can have work opportunities in system management, software engineering, research and lab development, programming, robotics, telecommunication, multimedia development, computer networking, company computing and other computer related jobs.

Computer Engineering Education and Training

When choosing the right college or university, there are four important things to consider, the admission conditions, the level of education instruction, the availability of specialization that you wanted to pursue and lastly, resources. Generally, completing of Bachelor of Science in Computer Science takes four years of study. Classes contained within this degree are associated with computer science, mathematics and information technology. There is also an option to take an associate degree which usually takes two years to finish. However the four year bachelor’s offers a more advanced study and would allow you to pursue a broad variety of career alternatives.

After pursuing your bachelor’s degree within this subject you may continue to obtain a master’s degree in computer science. There are several institutions which enable students to earn this diploma either in universities or online programs. With the master’s degree in computer science you can specialize more in your chosen field. Finally, the highest degree that can be obtained for computer science is the PHD program or the doctorate degree.

Nowadays, more and more online education programs are being offered. For most busy professionals online programs are typically more suitable than offline programs as they can study whenever and wherever they need to. Moreover, online degrees are typically less expensive than regular programs.

Computer Engineering Salary and Employment

A Bachelor of Science in Computer Science is a degree that very timely for our current generation, the information era. We are surrounded by technology, and we are already used to live with it. Most industries nowadays rely more on information technology and computer operated machines and with the rapid advancing technology there are several jobs opportunities for graduates of computer science. In fact, many countries including the United States, Japan, China, and India have higher demand for computer science graduates.

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics the median salary wage of Computer Scientists in May 2010 was $100,660. Moreover, based on their data the employment rate for this profession will likely to increase by 19% starting from 2010 to 2020.

There is no doubt that a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science degree is one of the most practical courses for college education. With this kind of degree you have a lot of career paths to choose from such as computer programming, information research, software developers, system and database administration, and network administration.

College Degree Computer Degrees Recent Degree Added Tech Bachelor Degrees Tech Degrees Technical Bachelor Degrees Technology Degrees

Bachelor of Science in Information Systems

Create a Stronger Internet For Tomorrow With a Bachelor of Science in Information Systems

Bachelor of Science in Information Systems

A workplace, an industrial plant, an agency or an organization is like a web. There is a core or center where everything is being conceive and where power is stored. It could be a computer server or a mainframe that works like a brain or it could be a power-source that gives life to production, or it could be a person or a leader that sets direction to his members. In any way it would be described, the core is the life of everything.

To guarantee that life continues in a perfect cycle, the channels or carriers, and the receivers or end-users should be stable, strong and reliable.

The interaction and communication between lines and destinations within the web are implemented through the systems. So without the proper systems, there will be mis-communication, disintegration and chaos. The message from the core must be clear.

This is how information systems work. So for those who love to study the composition and nature of the systems used to support operations and management decisions in companies and organizations, it is better to take Bachelor of Science in Information Systems.

This degree is so much related with Information Technology. However, while Information technology deals with the management and development of computer-based data, information and knowledge, Information Systems is confined in the development and implementation of efficient systems that enable the information to flow or to be transferred to one person or station to another.

Information Systems cover almost everything inside an office or a workplace such as computer programs, software and hardware, personnel and the procedures. The end goal of an Information System manager is to assure the management or the core command that all information are transferred, accepted, properly analyzed, understood and interpreted therefore making the business flow smoothly and the company operate profitably.

Different Types of Information Systems

There are several types of Information Systems. Most of these are being used in ISO certification accreditation procedure and quality management systems among businesses and industries.

  1. Data Processing System (DPS) – this is used for large amount of data that are being used by companies like payroll, accounts, inventory and the likes.
  2. Management Information System (MIS) – this system gives information and reports for management operations. For example, estimation and statistics software.
  3. Decision Support System (DSS) and Expert System — this system renders information derived from the collection and analysis of data needed for planning, and decision-making like a software program that integrates all reports and data. The software program can process a rational decision based on data that is expected to resolve a problem. This could be a system for the judiciary, medicine and other complex fields that collects volumes of data for analysis.

Duties of Information systems Manager

The Information Systems manager usually determines the organization’s needs in terms of computer hardware and software and draws up recommendation to the management if there is a need for an upgrade.

The manager also protects the safety and quality of the system tools and hardware.

It is also the IS manager’s responsibility to keep abreast of the technology and recommend upgrading of systems if needed, as well as ensuring that the people are well-trained to adapt with the new systems.

The average salary for computer and information systems managers is US$115,780 per year.