Bachelor Degrees – In today’s uncertain economic climate, with many college graduates emerging from their four year programs mired in debt and still being unable to find a job, more and more people are forsaking higher learning, choosing to dive headlong into their career. And while it’s true, you can go far without any kind of college degree, the truth is, bachelor degrees can help your career.

The Main Benefits Of Bachelor Degrees

The main reasons to procure bachelor degrees may not exactly come as a revelation, but they are vital and undeniable, nonetheless.

Higher Earning Potential

The most basic and obvious reason to get bachelor degrees is to make more money. The United States Census Bureau have shown statistics indicating the average salaries of various levels of college degree holders. PhD’s have an annual salary of $100,000 or more, while master’s degrees earn $63,000. People with bachelor degrees earn an average of $55,700, while associate’s degrees earn $42,000, with high school graduates making the least, at $32,500. Remember that the field of study greatly impacts the eventual salary as well.

Bachelor Degrees holders tend to earn about $2.3 million over their lifetime, while someone who finishes only some college tends to earn around $1.5 million, while high school graduates can expect to earn around $1 million. Ask yourself, is the $50,000 you’d spend on a bachelor degree worth making another $1 million in lifetime earnings?

More Career Opportunities

Will going to college actually make you smarter? We think so. Finishing a bachelor degree will teach you to have (1) greater analytical thinking abilities (2) the ability to see a project through from beginning to end, which are two extremely beneficial qualities to an employer. And the fact of the matter is, whether college makes you smarter or not, companies still perceive college degrees in this way, which will open up whole strata of job opportunities of which you would otherwise never be able to qualify for. The high paying jobs.

With a high-school diploma, you have a lifetime of menial positions to look forward to. Bachelor Degrees give you the opportunity to skip the small steps, and start off in higher level positions.

And that’s not even to mention the networking potential of attending a bachelor’s program, which is one of the main reasons to attend college. Not only will you have the skills to flourish in your career, and the ability to prove those skills, you’ll also have a whole web of other professionals who are also flourishing to exchange ideas and resources with.

Greater Benefits

Unsurprisingly, people with bachelor degrees are more likely to get better benefits than employees without, especially in regards healthcare. The magazine College Board showed statistics that around 70% of individuals with at least a bachelor’s degree receive health insurance from their employer, while less than 50 percent of high school graduates can say the same.

In addition to health care insurance, students with bachelor degrees can anticipate better retirement plans, free childcare and reimbursement for tuition, travel and commuting expenses.

Job Stability

In these uncertain times, the benefit of job stability is worth a thousand words, all on its owns. Upsizing, downscaling, corporate mergers, hyper-competitive markets, freelance workers… there are hundreds of ways for companies to save money and get people to work for cheaper. And while many companies are loyal to their workers, it is their responsibility to remain competitive and turn a profit, and they will look into every opportunity to do so. Make sure you’re not one of those opportunities.

With a bachelor degree, you’re more likely to enjoy your career more, have greater upward mobility, and greater job stability, to name just a few more.

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