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Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy

Career Advantages of Getting a Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy Degree

Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy

Students taking up a Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy degree program, are taught how to help people with disabilities make the most out of their life by helping them overcome the their condition. It helps the patient feel better and perform his functions better. The tasks of a physical therapist are but not limited to:

  • Eliminate or ease pain

  • Improve mobility and range of motion

  • Restore physical bodily functions

  • Prevent or slow down the development of physical disabilities

  • Promote physical and mental health and wellness

A physical therapist helps a disabled individual cope with his condition and get back on his feet. He focuses on the rehabilitation of the individual so that the latter can lead a better life and find ways on how to compensate for the disabilities. The overall well being of the patient is your concern.

Intimate Profession

The degree of Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy will also teach you how to interact and motivate others. Communication skills are important because you will be working on a personal basis with the client. The practice is often 1 on 1 and it will be up to you to convince him that not all hope is lost and he can still go on and live a happy and healthy life. Nothing can be more fulfilling than knowing that you helped guide someone in finding the bright light at the end of the tunnel.

Stroke patients are the most common clients of physical therapists. This is because severe strokes can cause paralysis on certain parts of the body. The lower body starting from the waist down to the toes is the most common area that suffers paralysis. The paralysis may be partial or complete depending on the circumstances of the stroke.

Oftentimes the patient becomes unable to walk. In this situation, it is up to the physical therapist to help the patient regain the ability to stand and walk. He needs to condition the paralyzed parts to bring back feeling and control over them. He also needs to urge the patient to not give up. Recently disabled people tend to be irritable and experience mood swings. It is paramount that the therapist be patient and understanding.

Rehabilitation centers are the usual places where licensed physical therapists can be found. Men and women all over the world can suffer disability be it due to an illness or an accident. Even old age alone can cause a person to be disabled. The highest concentration of disabled persons can be found in the military especially to those where military troops are often dispatched due to frequent conflicts.

America, for example dispatches troops not just locally but also to its allied countries. Most disabled soldiers ended up in that state due to amputations necessary to save their lives such as when one steps into a landmine and gets most of his leg blown off.

A physical therapist should also be a good team player. Occasions in which he needs to work with other professionals such as doctors and nurses are very common. The average physical therapist can earn $40 to $60 an hour. He can take on multiple clients as long as he can give them enough time and attention. This is why it is one of the most high paying jobs that do not require a master’s or a doctorate degree.