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Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Technology

Gaining an Online Education with a Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Technology

Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Technology

Mankind has made leaps and bounds in terms of science and technology. New discoveries and innovations have made various aspects of our lives easier and more convenient. Medicine has always been one of the chosen fields for technological advancement because of how it directly affects the health and lifespan of human beings.

Radiology is one of the offspring of advancements in the field of medicine and it is all about the development and/or use of imaging equipment to assist in the diagnosis and treatment of patients. The science has already saved millions of lives and continues to do so and no alternative for it can be seen in the near future.

Career as a Radiologist

You can go for a career revolving around radiology by completing a degree in Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Technology. The program requires the use of high tech equipment which is why not so many colleges and universities offer it. The best and most reliable way to get a degree is to therefore enroll in an online degree program.

Take note however that you will still need some practical radiology units after finishing the online course. This is because the course will not be able to provide you with the required hands on learning so you need to find an educational institution to provide you with experience. Check the catalogs of each online school as thoroughly as possible to make sure you are aware of the practical units you have to obtain afterwards.

Qualification Levels

Flexibility is one of the most notable advantages of online courses. You can choose the time when you will take the course. You also have the option whether to stop studying or whether to continue heightening your qualifications. There are four qualification levels to choose from and the more you decide to advance the longer the time you need to devote to your studies.

  1. Certificate – This qualification takes only a year or less to complete and it only orients you about radiology and briefs you one details of the numerous radiology equipment. Students with this qualification often end up as sales personnel utilizing what they have learned to sell radiology products.

  1. Associate – This level requires two years to finish and upon completion, it will equip the student with the fundamentals of radiology and relevant equipment. Students with this qualification care good enough to qualify as assistants to professional radiologists.

  1. Bachelor – This level needs four years to complete and it is the minimum required qualification before an individual can refer to himself as professional radiologist. Professional radiologists can work in any sector of society.

  1. Master – This level only becomes possible after completing a bachelor’s degree. It normally requires two years to complete. This qualification will make all radiology related career paths open to the individual.

Career Opportunities

Employment as a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Technology degree program often entails the management of one or more radiologic equipment. Some of the available work is:

  • Diagnostic Medical Sonographer

  • Radiologic Technologist

  • Ultrasound Technician

  • X-Ray Technician

Knowing the equipment you prefer before choosing a field of specialization is the best way to approach the program. This way you can avoid wasting time and energy. Choosing a specialization to just find out later that the respective radiologic equipment used in the specialization is not interesting for you can be such a drag and annoyance.