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Bachelor of Commerce

Benefits of Taking a Bachelor of Commerce Degree

Bachelor of Commerce

Globalization and a global economy in the process of rising from the ashes of the international financial crisis several years ago has led to a huge demand for graduates of finance and accounting courses. This is the reason for the huge boom in the number of Bachelor of Commerce students.

The increase in the students in turn resulted to an increase in the number of institutions offering the course. The increase in the supply of the courses has then resulted to an increase in the quality of education.


A Bachelor of Commerce degree is geared to providing students with knowledge and skills about business relevant disciplines including but not limited to marketing, accounting and finance, and advertising. It is designed to make students competent in helping businesses grow, expand, and meet their end goals by supporting them in a particular sector they have mastered. The demand for the course has risen together with the continuous rise of eCommerce. As long as there are businesses in the economy there will be a need for commerce graduates.

Benefits of the Degree

The world of business is the most dynamic and hence most universities perform an annual revaluation and of their curriculum and apply modifications if necessary. If the student manages to keep up with the changes he will gain a lot of general knowledge in the relevant fields and deep knowledge in his chosen major or specialization. Graduating with the Bachelor of Commerce degree will provide the student with the following benefits:

  1. Flexible Employment

The Bachelor of Commerce will allow you become an employee in the public or private sector or even put up your own little enterprise. You can become a consultant for a government department or a private corporation. You can also be an independent adviser and have your own list of clients. You can also put up your own small or medium enterprise and manage it without the need to hire consultants because you already know the basics of what should be done.

  1. Ample Job Opportunities

Any enterprise needs a manager or an accountant which means that there will always be someone willing to hire you.

  1. Capability with Financial Reports

The degree comes with intermediate accounting knowledge which will allow you to understand, analyse, and interpret accounting reports. Financial reporting is important because it is what enables a financial entity to ascertain whether it is making a profit or loss and what its financial position actually is.

It is also essential in forecasting the potential benefits and opportunity cost of a management decision. Any business will always need someone who can interpret the numerical values in a financial report into easy to understand worded summaries. Financial reports are also required in paying for taxes.

  1. Deep Understanding of Financial Management

A Bachelor of Commerce degree will also equip you with extensive knowledge in financial management which will allow you to formulate vital formulas such as return on investment and turnovers that interpret their meaning. Hence, you will be able to tell how well or how bad a company is doing and recommend steps on how it can achieve each maximum potential. You will also be able to manage the securities of the company efficiently and present them in the company portfolio in the best possible way.

  1. Human Resource Management Possibilities

Graduates of the degree can also pursue a profession in human resource management. You can use the analytical and critical thinking skills you have developed in determining the vacancies in the workforce that should be filled and formulate an efficient employee selection process.