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Bachelor of Accountancy

Bachelor of Accountancy is the Beginning of an Exciting Career

Bachelor of AccountancyThe world economy may be facing instability and a second global financial crisis may just be waiting to happen. But no matter how many economic meltdowns occur there will always be businesses that will survive. As long as there are businesses the need for accounting will always be there because accounting is the language of business. Any commercial entity will always need someone to interpret the language of banking and finance and help provide the management with data and information that it can use to make the best possible decisions. You can become the voice of a company’s finances if you complete a Bachelor of Accountancy degree.

Accounting is said to be the third oldest profession with the oldest records dating back to more than 7,000 years ago. The oldest accounting records were those used by landlords who used the accounting system to keep track of the harvest. Accounting back then was very simple and straightforward unlike that of today which has grown to be very complex in order to keep up with the changing times.

Career Groups

Numerous positions can be filled up by people holding a degree in Bachelor of Accounting. These positions can be classified into four groups based on the kind of services provided.

Certified Public Accountants

Accountants in this group are public practitioners and their primary source of income is reviewing financial statements and attaching their signature if they find the said financial statements to be accurate.

Certified Internal Auditors

Accountants in this group work for private companies. Their task is to review the current accounting system and processes and detect any errors or fraud that may have been committed.

Certified Management Accountants

Accountants in this group use their accounting knowledge to interpret available data and information and use them to make forecasts and projections to help in making business decisions.

Accredited Business Accountants

Accountants in this group perform accounting for businesses entities of both the public and private sectors.

Exciting Profession

Accountants, particularly auditors are one of the most respected and also feared professions because the influence they can have on a business. An accountant can disrupt the flow of a business’ operations by simply refusing to sign its audited financial statements. Such financial statements reflect the current financial position and stability of the company and are required by the government each year. The company that hired the auditors must therefore do all it can to convince the auditors that its financial statements are fairly stated.

Steadily Growing

The demand for accountants is at a steady rise. In fact, it is one of the few professions that remained virtually unscathed by the global financial crisis. Even though closing businesses left some accountants unemployed, those trying to survive through debt restructuring and other means were able to compensate for the lost demand. The trend is expected to last for a few more decades in the least so you can be assured that there will still be ample demand by the time you finish the degree.

High Paying

Accountants can receive up to $100,000 per annum depending on their position and the size of the company they are working for. This value is at the higher end of the spectrum and only a few four and five year courses can reach the said salary rate. You can further increase your earnings by qualifying for advancement such as a master’s degree or a doctorate degree.

Business Bachelor Degrees Business Degrees College Degree Recent Degree Added

Bachelor of Science in Marketing

Perception is Reality With a Bachelor of Science in Marketing Degree

Bachelor of Science in MarketingThe consumer-based industry such as retail, franchising, food and agriculture, beverage, hardware and the real-estate industry are both harsh and competitive. With millions of products out in the global market, each producer, inventor or manufacturer need to be very aggressive to sell a product. Most companies, especially the big ones, hire marketing and sales agents, consultants and managers just to keep up with the fast-tracked trends and economic movements.

And the best marketers are those who understand the consumers – what they want, when they want it and how they want it to be. This is basically consumer psychology. One aspect of marketing that is not studied in other business degrees. A marketer should be one step ahead of the clientele. An acumen for market trends guarantees sales and profits for the company.
A mastery of the skills in marketing is not an overnight acquisition. It requires extensive studies in communications, analytical thinking, research and business. The best marketers have the education, experience, support, sense of time, proper medium and sometimes luck.

The use of internet as a new venue for marketers changed totally changed the landscape of traditional marketing. However, the strategy underlying on-line marketing is still the same – the more people talking and knowing about your product, the greater percentage that it will sell in the market. This is also the principle of multi-level marketing, although in this module, you are engaging your audience to market for you or to duplicate your job in a lesser given time. The other side of the coin however, can do the same amount of damage to your product. Internet-based marketing and promotions, if done badly or improperly, could cause losses to your company.

Bachelor of Science in Marketing as a Degree

There are many online programs for a degree in Marketing but the best programs are of course run in actual classroom activities and experiences. The Bachelor of Science in Marketing is a build-up education in knowing consumer behavior, psychology, strategic marketing, management, product management, promotion, pricing, distribution, sales, accounting, microeconomics, business finance, business law,  international marketing trends, e-commerce, marketing research, marketing communications, events coordination and media planning.

There are many available schools offering Marketing degrees like the Ferris State University, California Baptist University, Ball State University and City University of Seattle.

Hallmarks of a Career in Marketing

A large number of careers can be built from having a degree in Marketing. Of course, the trademarks in Marketing are the jobs in research and analysis. This is imperative in reading and concluding patterns of consumer behavior. Advertising and marketing are laden with research. So researchers, statisticians and marketing graduates are in-demand in this field.

Other jobs for graduates of Bachelor of Science in Marketing programs are market analysts, market consultants, marketing agent or account executives, marketing director, marketing manager, advertising managers or even public relations officers.  Most of these jobs can be found in the private or corporate sector. However, marketers can also become entrepreneurs. Many have used the multi-level marketing module and made millions of dollars in sale all throughout America. The success of NuSkin, Usana and other multi-level marketing products is a testimony to this.

The average salary for marketing jobs ranges from US$35,000 to US$122,000 per year depending on the company, location and industry. The next 5 years are promising for marketing, public relations, promotions, and advertising. Jobs are projected to increase by 13 percent because of the growing global economy.

Business Bachelor Degrees Business Degrees College Degree Recent Degree Added

Bachelor of Management

Why You Should Consider an Online Bachelor of Management Degree?

Bachelor of Management

A Bachelor of Management degree is one of the most sought after qualifications today because of the growing awareness that the best way of achieving your financial and economic goals is to establish your own little enterprise and make it grow and expand. All those who want to become future entrepreneurs are therefore taking up the course to increase their capabilities of putting up and running their own business.

Online Learning

Online education is ideal for people who do not have the time to go to a college or university to study because they are busy with work or with running a business. Accredited online degree programs are duly recognized by the government and they also provide their graduates with virtual and physical diplomas as proof of their qualification. You can choose your own set of subjects. Personalize your curriculum by picking the courses that can best benefit the way you manage your enterprise. The most popular courses are accounting, banking, financial services, information technology, marketing, and purchases.

Notable Advantages

Learn to Solve Business Problems

All economic and financial entities encounter problems. A start up or small business tends to encounter more issues compared to the bigger and already established companies. Surviving these problems is essential if your enterprise is to continue its existence. A course in Bachelor of Management will equip you with the necessary analytical skills that will allow you assess any situation properly and identify all the issues that need to be addressed. The course will also help you develop the required critical thinking skills that will allow you to see all available options and make the right call clearly and quickly.

Learn to Handle Time Pressure

Globalization has made the competition for consumers exponentially tighter because all of the firms offering similar products can now be your competitors regardless of where they are in the world. Doing something before someone else does may make all the difference between growth and bankruptcy. The course will allow you to think with prudence even when facing the most intense pressure and then make good decisions on the spot.

Learn at Your Own Pace from Your Own Place

An online course allows you to plot your own schedule of study. You can choose to go slow or fast depending on your availability and capacity. If you are confident in your learning ability you can fast track the program and finish it in no time. If you are very busy and can only take one or more lessons at a time then do so. There is no pressure to go faster than what is convenient.

Boost Your Income

The degree will allow you to manage your business more effectively and efficiently. You will be able to evaluate your business and properly identify its strengths and weaknesses as well as its accompanying opportunities and threats. Hence, you can focus on empowering its strengths and strengthening its weakness. You can also make sure that you grab the most high earning opportunities while avoid the threats with the biggest damage potential.

Empower Your Career

The degree will take your career to the next level if you prefer being employed over owning your own business. Finishing the course will make you eligible for promotion to various higher positions. You can also become a freelance consultant and grow your own list of clients. Becoming a consultant of the corporation giants however make require you to upgrade your degree to master or doctor.

Business Bachelor Degrees Business Degrees College Degree Recent Degree Added

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration – Online in Your Own Time

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration is focused primarily in the study of business. The first two years will teach you about the basics of all the areas of business. On the latter half of the program you will select an area you will specialist on and will be required to complete a specific set of courses depending on your chosen major. Your major will directly influence the employment opportunities that will become available to you after you graduate. There are numerous specializations to choose from, the most popular ones being:

  • Accounting and Finance

  • Economics

  • International Business

  • Legal Studies

  • Management

  • Management Information Systems

  • Marketing

You will finish studying the fundamentals of all these areas but the advanced courses for each area will be taken up only if you chose the particular area. Since the degree program involves familiarity with all the building blocks of business it is the best shortcut to entering the world of commerce and eCommerce. After completing the program you will have gained the following knowledge/skills:

  • Business Policies

  • Business Strategies

  • Employee Relations

  • Financial Management

  • Leadership

  • Management Techniques

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration will be your first step towards being a key figure in business that manages or supervises people be it as an office manager, supervisor, branch manager, etc. Choosing the area should mainly be influenced by two factors. First, you should choose the area that peaks your interest the most. Employment would be most enjoyable if the work you do is interesting to you. Second, you should choose based on the ease of finding a job and the benefits once you do land the job. As long as there are businesses there will always be a need for business administrators so this second factor does not always come into play.

Go Online

Enrolling for an online degree has several perks not found in conventional degrees. First, you are in full control of your time. If you want to study only for a certain number of hours each day then you can do so. So you can evaluate your day to day schedule and see how many hours for each day you can spare for your studies. Just remember that the number of study hours you need to complete are constant so you should not take the courses too slowly. Study at a pace most convenient to you.

Savings is another benefit of studying via the internet. First of all, online degree providers have almost no overheads to worry about so they can offer much lower tuition fees. Second, you won’t need to leave home to study so you can save on transportation. You also need not rent a room in an apartment or dormitory. You also get to eat at home and need not buy from fast food chains or restaurants.

A word of caution, make sure that an online school is accredited and duly recognized by the educational system before you enroll and shell out some money through your credit card or debit card. This is because more and more students are switching to online studies which have led to a corresponding increase in entities that cater to the said students. Unfortunately, many of the new websites are just fraud and only want to scam you of your money. Even if a provider allows you to finish the entire degree program, such accomplishment will not be recognized if the online school is not accredited which means you have just wasted a lot of time, money, and effort.