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Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology

Get an Understanding of Engineering Operations with a Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology

Bachelor of Science in Engineering TechnologyBachelor of Science in Engineering Technology Overview

A Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology degree provides an understanding of management in a changing environment, operations and project management, quality systems, human resources management techniques, and decision making that pertains to production, research and service organizations. It is a combination of practical and theoretical knowledge with concentrations in electronics, process plant, product design, test and evaluation, distribution and sales, manufacturing, operations, service and maintenance. To qualify for the bachelor’s program, students must finish their two years associate degree in engineering.

Engineering Technologists are significant part of the engineering team. They must have the capacity to create practical and workable results, install and control technical systems, formulate hardware from abstractions, produce and develop goods, service systems and machines, control construction and production processes, and provide revenue assistance for technical products and systems. Moreover, they should possess important qualities like critical thinking skills, math skills, prioritizing skills, monitoring skills, comprehension skills, writing and problem-solving skills.

They often work with engineers and researchers, especially in examination and product development, constructing or assembling equipment, preparing and running experiments, analyzing results, or making prototype versions of newly designed equipment. Others work in quality control of products and procedures, performing tests, and collecting data. In manufacturing, they may help in product design, development, or production. In many cases, the technologists are the one who develop ideas and turns them into reality.

With a Bachelor of Science in Engineering Science degree, students have the option to take further studies in technical management, advertising, sales and other customer relations or to concentrate on the technical side of their chosen field.

Some of the universities that offer this degree program are Western Illinois University, Dwight Look College of Engineering, Southeast Missouri State University, University of North Carolina, Central Michigan University, and University of Memphis.


After completing the bachelor’s degree program, students can take the Fundamental of Engineering assessment and should they pass the exam, they will be a certified Engineer-in-Training. Once they completed their required related work experience, they can take the Professional Engineer (PE) license examination. If they passed the assessment only then they are called Certified Professional Engineers.

Although certification is not a requirement for employment, it is still best to secure one for advancement of careers. Another certification the engineering technologists can have is the certificate from National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies (NICET). This certification may require an assessment and documentation, including recommendations, work experience and, for most programs, supervisor authentication of specific experience.

Employment Outlook

Based on the data from the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics the employment for engineering technicians and technologists may increase by 12% starting 2010 to 2020. They continuous growth of construction business and manufacturing industries may open more job opportunities for engineering graduates.  Moreover, with the growing population, there will always be the need for building various infrastructures, water systems and buildings. Engineering technologists and other engineering positions are part of this work.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics the top industries that are employing most number of engineers are Federal Executive Branch (OES Designation), Management of Companies and Enterprises, Employment Services, Scientific Research and Development Services and Architectural, Engineering, and Related Services. In addition, this profession has huge possibilities in industries like Computer and Peripheral Equipment Manufacturing, Scientific Research and Development Services, Architectural, Engineering, and Related Services, Pipeline Transportation of Crude Oil and Federal Executive Branch.

Salary of Engineering Technologists

In the reports of the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median yearly wage for engineers in May 2012 was $93,330. Although the salary of an engineering technologist was not specifically mention, the rough estimation would not be far from the overall average salary of those in engineering field.

With this promising benefits and challenging career, a Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology degree is really a great choice for a college education.