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Bachelor of Science in Podiatry

The Commonly Misunderstood Bachelor of Science in Podiatry Degree – Get The Facts From Us

Bachelor of Science in PodiatryA Bachelor of Science in Podiatry is on of the most misunderstood degrees of today. Most people think that the profession is all about dealing with the feet. This confuses students and many shy away from the program thinking that the only place it could land them at is in the foot spa. This can be no farther than the truth. The course can open up numerous high paying job opportunities for the degree holder.

The Real Definition

Podiatry is a filed of medicine that deals with the entire lower body from the thighs down to the toes. The demand for graduates of the course is unexpectedly high because of the high need for their services. Everyone experience pains or problems in his lower body during the course of his life. Some may feel to be nothing out of the ordinary but may actually lead to severe illnesses and complications. So anyone who experiences unexplained pains in his things, legs, knees, or feet he should consult a podiatry expert as soon as possible. Remember that it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Career Qualifications

A podiatry specialist just like any medical profession requires completion of at least a baccalaureate degree in the course at an accredited college or university.  The bachelor’s degree holder should also pass the license examinations. The program usually takes only three to four years to complete. Some states may also require internship or on the job training units before they allow a license holder to practice independently.

Can Work in All Sectors

A graduate of Bachelor of Science in Podiatry can choose to work in any sector of society.

1. Public Practice

He can choose to do public practice in which he can open his own clinic and accept clients. Public experience is said to be of highest quality because of the number of clients. This path also allows you to be your own boss.

2. Government Practice

You can also choose to work or volunteer for a government health centre or clinic. This is the least paying of the paths. It is chosen primarily for public service and self fulfilment.

3. Private Practice

You can opt to work as a specialist or consultant in a private firm. Health spas and huge resorts are the most common clients in this sector.

4. Education Sector

You can also become a teacher and impart your knowledge and skills to students. You can teach in both public and private universities and colleges that offer the program.

Podiatry Supplies

Podiatry supplies are the most common medical or health supplies today. You don’t even need to go to any medical facility or retailer to get them. In fact, you might already have them in your household and not realize that they are classified as podiatric. A toenail clipper for example is classified as a podiatry supply because it helps promote the health and wellness of the toes. Basically anything that can health maintain the good condition of your lower body can be considered as a podiatry supply.

There are common and uncommon podiatry supplies. The common ones are those used for cleaning and can be found almost anywhere. Uncommon are those that are advanced and cutting edge and are used for the treatment of health conditions involving the lower body. Those found in spas and results are also considered uncommon as some are even patented by the establishments.