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Bachelor of Science in Construction Technology

What is Bachelor of Science in Construction Technology

Bachelor of Science in Construction Technology

Traces of construction engineering can be found in every modern city and sometimes even in the towns and provinces. Its handy work includes airports, bridges, dams, large buildings, railways and many more. The field covers not only the completed structures but also how the materials were chosen and put together. Planning and all other stages of the construction also fall under the said field.

Educational Requirements

Putting a building or any other infrastructure together covers not just the planning and putting together of the materials. It also includes managing the construction workers and making adjustments to solve unforeseen problems. This is why a Bachelor of Science in Construction Technology includes the study of both construction engineering and construction management. Just keep in mind that a construction engineer can take the job of a construction manager but a construction manager cannot take the job of a construction engineer. This is because the engineer has the management knowledge and skills necessary fill in for the manager but the manager does not have the necessary knowledge and skills to fill in for the engineer.

Construction engineering is all about turning a blueprint into a realized infrastructure. Oftentimes, a professional with the necessary vision such as an architect will be the one making the design and blueprint and the engineer will do the rest to bring the design to life. Some skilled engineers however are also capable of making designs and blueprints. The engineer is responsible for the selection of the materials and the selection and implementation of techniques and equipment that will make the project work.

The Challenge

The architect can be viewed as someone issuing a challenge while the engineer can be viewed as the one accepting the challenge. The architect can make a blueprint with a very difficult design and it will be up to the engineer to make it happen. There are many world famous structures and monuments that at first were thought to be impossible to build but engineers eventually found ways to accomplish them. This is why engineers should be able to analyse the situation quickly and adequately and then utilize critical thinking to come up with a solution to the problems.

Problem Solvers

The ability to find ways to make the most complex designs a reality is the reason why engineers are considered problem solvers. They our given a target such as appearance, functionality, strength and toughness, useful life, and more and it is up to them to find or create means of reaching that target. This is why they should also possess a very creative imagination as sometimes the answer to the biggest problems can come from the most unexpected sources. Their imagination should however be limited to attainable things which demand a huge need for deep knowledge in math and science. The most creative plan is worthless if following it is impossible.

Common Courses

The standard subjects that should be included in a curriculum for Bachelor of Science in Construction Technology should include but is not limited to:

  • Construction Management

  • Engineering Design

  • Engineering Mechanics

The said subjects should also be accompanied by adequate hours of on-the-job training. The entire degree takes five years to obtain and after that the individual should take and pass the Professional Engineers Licensure Exam to be able to acquire his Professional Engineer License. The exam may require specific reviews and refresher courses because it will include questions about all fields of construction engineering.