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Bachelor of Science in Respiratory Therapy

Bachelor of Science in Respiratory Therapy Degree Overview

Bachelor of Science in Respiratory Therapy

The need for respiratory therapy is continuously increasing because of the alarming growth of cases involving respiratory problems. Millions of people around the world suffer from respiratory illnesses such as tuberculosis and emphysema and there are always not enough new and experienced respiratory therapists available. If you are inclined to science or medicine and want to have a career in which landing a job is easy then you should consider enrolling under a program for a Bachelor of Science in Respiratory Therapy degree.

Duties and Responsibilities

A respiratory therapist is tasked to assess, treat, and administer proper medical care to patients suffering from respiratory and cardiopulmonary illnesses. People of all ages can suffer from one or more of the numerous known and unknown breathing disorders. You may be dealing with a premature infant on one instant and the elderly on another. Most of the patients will be those suffering from chronic lung diseases. Some patients will have respiratory problems from other sources such as victims of shock, drowning, stroke, and heart attacks.

Only certified respiratory therapists are allowed to head the treatment of patients. They should have decent interpersonal skills as they will not only be required to talk to patients at a personal level, they will also need to work closely with physicians most of the time. Diagnosis is their primary responsibility. They should be able to recognize the slightest signs of all known respiratory illnesses. He should then be able to immediately identify possible treatments to ease the condition of the patient. He is also tasked with supervising respiratory technicians.

Graduates of a Bachelor of Science in Respiratory Therapy degree programs are required to develop a personal relationship with their patients because they need their patients to open up to them so they can get a proper evaluation of the patient. They will then use the information they gathered to formulate a customized plan of applying therapeutic procedures to the patient. Since the conditions surrounding each respiratory patient are often unique, the therapists will often need to come up with one plan for each of them.

Need for Immediate Attention

Most patients nowadays require immediate attention or else their condition might become fatal. This need for immediate attention is the reason for the dire need of a lot of respiratory therapists. New batches of therapists will be able to save thousands of lives. This is why more and more colleges and universities are now offering the course. The increase in supply has resulted to tighter competition which in turn led to an increase in the quality of education.

Chest Physiotherapy

The chest area is the center of the respiratory therapy universe because it is where the problems and solutions to breathing disorders lie. All certified respiratory therapists have to complete a special training course in chest physiotherapy. The purpose of this training is to make the therapist adept at making breathing easier for patients suffering from respiratory problems. Therapists working full time at hospitals whether private or public may also find themselves doing things outside of their own job responsibilities. Common extra tasks include diseases prevention, pulmonary rehabilitation, and assisting individuals who want to quit smoking get over their habit. Respiratory therapists are also often needed for the armed forces to help keep the troops healthy and breathing properly in case of wounds and other circumstances.


The ability to follow instructions and pay close attention to detail is essential to the study of respiratory therapy because you need to be able to absorb everything the instructor is trying to teach you. You should also be able to work well with others and use a computer properly.