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Bachelor of Science in Marketing

Perception is Reality With a Bachelor of Science in Marketing Degree

Bachelor of Science in MarketingThe consumer-based industry such as retail, franchising, food and agriculture, beverage, hardware and the real-estate industry are both harsh and competitive. With millions of products out in the global market, each producer, inventor or manufacturer need to be very aggressive to sell a product. Most companies, especially the big ones, hire marketing and sales agents, consultants and managers just to keep up with the fast-tracked trends and economic movements.

And the best marketers are those who understand the consumers – what they want, when they want it and how they want it to be. This is basically consumer psychology. One aspect of marketing that is not studied in other business degrees. A marketer should be one step ahead of the clientele. An acumen for market trends guarantees sales and profits for the company.
A mastery of the skills in marketing is not an overnight acquisition. It requires extensive studies in communications, analytical thinking, research and business. The best marketers have the education, experience, support, sense of time, proper medium and sometimes luck.

The use of internet as a new venue for marketers changed totally changed the landscape of traditional marketing. However, the strategy underlying on-line marketing is still the same – the more people talking and knowing about your product, the greater percentage that it will sell in the market. This is also the principle of multi-level marketing, although in this module, you are engaging your audience to market for you or to duplicate your job in a lesser given time. The other side of the coin however, can do the same amount of damage to your product. Internet-based marketing and promotions, if done badly or improperly, could cause losses to your company.

Bachelor of Science in Marketing as a Degree

There are many online programs for a degree in Marketing but the best programs are of course run in actual classroom activities and experiences. The Bachelor of Science in Marketing is a build-up education in knowing consumer behavior, psychology, strategic marketing, management, product management, promotion, pricing, distribution, sales, accounting, microeconomics, business finance, business law,  international marketing trends, e-commerce, marketing research, marketing communications, events coordination and media planning.

There are many available schools offering Marketing degrees like the Ferris State University, California Baptist University, Ball State University and City University of Seattle.

Hallmarks of a Career in Marketing

A large number of careers can be built from having a degree in Marketing. Of course, the trademarks in Marketing are the jobs in research and analysis. This is imperative in reading and concluding patterns of consumer behavior. Advertising and marketing are laden with research. So researchers, statisticians and marketing graduates are in-demand in this field.

Other jobs for graduates of Bachelor of Science in Marketing programs are market analysts, market consultants, marketing agent or account executives, marketing director, marketing manager, advertising managers or even public relations officers.  Most of these jobs can be found in the private or corporate sector. However, marketers can also become entrepreneurs. Many have used the multi-level marketing module and made millions of dollars in sale all throughout America. The success of NuSkin, Usana and other multi-level marketing products is a testimony to this.

The average salary for marketing jobs ranges from US$35,000 to US$122,000 per year depending on the company, location and industry. The next 5 years are promising for marketing, public relations, promotions, and advertising. Jobs are projected to increase by 13 percent because of the growing global economy.