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Bachelor of Science in Integrated Science

Is a Bachelor of Science in Integrated Science Degree Right For You

Bachelor of Science in Integrated ScienceIn almost all fields of study in our time, numerous possibilities and fusion of ideas were already tried and tested. The traditional sciences have crossed path with each other to support our quest for a better and quality life. Various disciplines also intertwined such as science, business and economics and mathematics, so one could be enhanced while the other need to survive.

Among this synthesis of fields of studies, a new degree course came to being. The Bachelor of Science in Integrated Science was introduced to take a closer look on the development and evolution of traditional sciences, as well as technology and engineering. This is a step-by-step course that will present scientific discoveries and wonders that were transformed into marketable products and services. In some universities, this degree course is being offered along with business and technology as they also teach collaborative and holistic business practices that made the success of new products in the market.

A Bachelor of Science in Integrated Science degree program covers research and development and the creation of new technology, new jobs and new infrastructure towards excellence and competitiveness.

Students taking this degree could become interdisciplinary leaders, equipped with new information on the fusion of science and technology, engineering and business development.

The Curriculum

In major universities like Princeton University, the curriculum includes introduction to computer science, physics, chemistry, genetics and biochemistry. In other universities though there are courses on nanotechnology, forensics, molecular biology, energy management and clean technology.

Mathematics, being a standard language of science is integrated within the curriculum all throughout the study. Most of the exercises are quantitative in nature while mathematical problems and formula are used as p[art of the methods in learning.

The Princeton program also emphasizes the quality of problem-solving exercises. According to them, by practicing students on collaborative problem-solving, they are giving them tools in their convictions of the unknown. The real-life challenges of mankind are dreadful. The unexplained and incurable diseases, the fast-changing climate, the unexplained death of some of earth’s species or life forms, the unknown mysteries of the outer space and the universe, all of these create fear to us. But in learning Integrated Science, the students are given tools to conquer their fear and find answers or solutions to these concerns.

The Next Step

After graduating, they can work anywhere from laboratories, research centers to government agencies, institutions, educational centers of excellence, medical institutions, or in agri-businesses and industries. They can find jobs anywhere science and technology exists. There are several big companies hiring Integrated Science graduates. These are Anexinet Corporation, Astra Zeneca (U.S.), Bio-Imaging Technologies, Inc., BioSyn, Inc., Fisher Clinical Services, Inc., IBS Communications, Inc., Johnson & Johnson, McNeil Consumer Health Care, Johnson & Johnson, McNeil Consumer and Specialty Pharmaceuticals, Keystone Foods, LLC Musco Family Olive Co., NuPathe, Inc. and Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.

The most popular among the jobs for degree holders of Integrated Science is operations research analyst. This job requires expertise of the methods of analysis necessary in determining and solving complicated problems in businesses, which usually covers sales, marketing, production and technology.

Operations research analysts usually find varied solutions to address the problem and help the managers in decision-making. Meanwhile, a lot of degree holders in integrated science work for research centers and institutions, medical industry, as well as in engineering industry. There are various opportunities for scientists around the world. Most businesses are now using science and technology in the enhancement of their products and services.