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Bachelors of Science in Engineering Science

Bachelors of Science in Engineering Science Overview

Bachelors of Science in Engineering ScienceEngineers are very important in today’s modern society because they have a hand at almost every big or advanced structure and infrastructure. They are problem solvers and are responsible for turning plants, designs, and blueprints into reality. In complex projects they commonly work with architects. The architects formulate the plan and the engineers find ways to make the plan doable. The demand for engineers is always there which is why so many colleges and universities offer the undergraduate program. Some students however do not have the luxury of time or finances to complete a full engineering program which usually takes four to five years to finish. Most engineering graduates also need to pass both Fundamentals in Engineering Exams and Engineering License Exams before they can be considered accredited professionals.

The Alternative Course

A degree program in Bachelors of Science in Engineering Science is the best alternative for students who want to finish tertiary education as soon as possible but have ample opportunities waiting for them in the engineering industry. The program does not provide a complete professional engineering status but it is enough for the graduate to reach the level of an engineering technologists. Technologists are assistants or members of a team that work directly under a professional engineer. The graduates will have almost the same start as engineering graduates. They are however not qualified for promotion to higher positions such as that of a head engineer.

Advantages of the Alternative

The foremost advantage of the program is how quickly it can launch a student to a career in the engineering industry. The baccalaureate program takes only two to three years to complete and the graduate is not required to pass any kind of license before he can maximize his options. The graduate can find employment almost immediately and is likely to have the same salary rate as new board passers of engineering who do not yet have any work experience. You can always decide to advance your degree to a complete engineering degree anytime you want and most of the courses you have completed under the Bachelors of Science in Engineering Science program are likely to be credited. So you can first take the said program so you can work and save money and then upgrade to a full engineering degree.

Specialization Option

The degree program can be taken with a major in general engineering. This way, the students are taught all the basics and essentials of all types of engineers. This is the recommended path for students who are still undecided on what kind of engineer they want to be in the future. It also has the most varied career paths because the graduate will be able to apply to any kind of project. The other option is to choose a specialization immediately after the first year of studying under the program. For example, if you want to be an electrical engineer in the future then choose a major in electrical engineering. Most graduates of the program pursue a professional engineer status after a few years of working as technologists so the second option can be said to be more ideal.

Career Options

You will be employed mostly as a part of an engineering team where you will be supervised by a professional engineer. You will be performing the minor engineering tasks with low margins for error. Engineers of big projects need their own team of competent individuals to make their work easy so finding a job is easy for graduates of the degree program.