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Bachelor of Science in Pharmacology

Exploring Careers with a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacology Degree

Bachelor of Science in PharmacologyPharmacists are regarded all over the world as the premiere authorities when it comes to medicine. They know the best medicine to take for any ailment or condition. The demand for the profession is very high especially with the growing number of pharmacies in all major cities throughout the world. As long as there are people who get seek, there will always be pharmacies that will supply them with effective the proper medicines. And as long as there are pharmacies there will always be pharmacists that ensure that customers and patients get the right medication for them and that they know how to properly intake or administer such drugs.

Growing Demand

The huge demand for such professionals is the reason why so many colleges and universities now offer a degree program of Bachelor of Science in Pharmacology for students. The resulting increase in the supply of the course has made the competition tighter which led to an increase in the quality of education and a decrease in the cost of education. There are even online degrees that can offer you with unique advantages such as the ability to study at home and choose your own schedule. Online courses are the best option for those who have very limited time and resources to spare.

Prescription Interpreters

Numerous medical professionals and practitioners such as doctors, dentists, optometrists, paediatricians, psychologists, and many more often write prescriptions for their patients. This prescriptions serve as guides for the patients on what medicine they should by and how much and how often they should be consumed. These prescriptions however are often hard to read and understand for the average individual. This is where pharmacists come in. They interpret the prescriptions and explain them to the patients to make sure that they will take the medications properly. Without these experts, patients are very prone to taking medicine improperly which may lead to more harm than good.

Career Paths

A graduate of Bachelor of Science in Pharmacology degree program may choose from two career paths or professions.

1. Pharmacist

A pharmacist is also referred two as a drug information specialist. He often knows more about drugs and medicine than the professionals who write the prescriptions such as doctors. This is why in difficult and complicated cases doctors often have the pharmacist formulate the prescription. Even when the pharmacist is not the one writing the prescription it often goes through him for review before it goes to the patient. He checks if the medications advised in the prescription are indeed the best option and will have no complications with the health condition of the patients.

2. Pharmacy Technician

The pharmacy technician is an individual who has finished studying all the core subjects of the course but has yet to complete his bachelor’s degree. He is also known as pharmacy assistant or medicinal sales associate. His primary duty is taking prescriptions and deciphering them. Doctors often have hard to read handwriting because they need to write prescriptions in a very quick manner so that they can minimize the time they spend on each patient. The associate’s job is to interpret the prescription no matter how it is written and presented. He also often manages the storage and handling of medicine that may include labelling them.

Common Courses in the Study

  • Advanced Math Courses
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Communications
  • Ethics
  • History
  • Medications and Drug Courses
  • Pharmacological Calculations
  • Pharmacology Machinery
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Writing