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Bachelor of Science in International Relations

Bachelor of Science in International Relations: Bridging Gaps, Building Trust

Bachelor of Science in International RelationsCommunication and cooperation between states and nations is requisite to world peace. Mutual respect in the global community allows highly developed countries to sustain their increasing need for food, energy, water, basic commodities, security and safety, production and accumulation of more wealth while it also provides protection and assistance to developing countries in need of everything.

The role of the United Nations and other international consortium’s in the global community is directed towards the preservation, protection and improvement of human life, as well as the management of water and energy sources.

People working in the international arena, whether in government or in private sector, hold special responsibilities, liberties and moral obligation. However, there are two forces shaping the future of mankind. There are those who work to save the planet and its inhabitants from self-destruction and natural disasters, and there are those who profit from political and economic conflicts.

Thus, a breed of new players is encouraged to do good for the global community. There are available degrees custom-fit for people who want to serve humanity and one of these is the Bachelor of Science in International Relations.

Bachelor of Science in International Relations is simply the study of relationships between states, nations and countries. It is a broad course covering political science, history, social studies, sociology, international laws and policies, geography, and economics.

Those who take interest on this degree should have the enthusiasm for cultural, social and political studies. The main objective of those working in international relations is to synthesize subjective diversities among nations and campaign for unity.

Career Choices for Students of International Relations

There are many career choices for graduates of International Relations although a master’s degree and a doctorate degree  might come handy when seeking high-profile positions in the government, especially in the State Department, Department of Foreign Affairs, Homeland Security, Justice Department, FBI, CIA, or in NATO, United Nations, USAID, Unicef, World Health Organization (WHO), JBIC, JICA, AustralianAID  and other international institutions.

For advocates of peace and environmental protection, they could join the Peace Corps, Red Cross, WWF, or other NGOs involved in humanitarian campaigns. Meanwhile, others can choose to educate and work with the best educational institutions and universities around the world. International businesses, consultancy, media, law and mitigation practices can also be options for those who want to work free-lance.

The average salary for international relations officer is US$80,500. Job opportunities for international relations officers, analysts, consultants are very rewarding.

The Best Schools


  • The Department of Government at Georgetown University is cited by Education-Portal.Com as the best school for international relations as of 2011. The school provides a comprehensive program, advance resources, state-of-the-art facilities and modern technological equipment to students while they boast of their expert faculty and course outline that include subjects such as U.S. foreign policy, international and political economy, security studies, and international law and ethics.
  •  Next to Georgetown University is John Hopkins University. John Hopkins is not only known for its top-notch medical studies, it is also ranked as the second best in international relations. The school provides opportunities for students to closely work and train with scholars and practitioners in international affairs.

Other top-rank schools for international relations are Harvard University, University of Michigan, University of Chicago, Stanford University and University of San Diego, all in US.