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Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering

Read This Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering Program Overview

Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering

Introduction to Computer Engineering

Computer Engineers are the brilliant minds behind computer breakthroughs. They work mainly on the research, design, testing, developing and creation of computer hardware such as computer chips, circuit boards, computer apparatus, and other associated equipment for example keyboards, routers, and printers.

Computer engineering profession resembles that of electronics engineers because they might design and test other electronic components and circuits. Nevertheless, computer hardware engineers do that function just because it pertains to computers and computer related gear. The rapid developments in computer technologies are mainly a consequence of the research, development, and design efforts of those engineers. Additionally they also work on computer networks for the transmission of information and multimedia. They perform to the interface between various parts of hardware and attempt to offer new features to present and new methods or items.

Computer Engineers embed computers in systems and other devices, construct networks to transfer information, and create ways to make computers, smaller, quicker, and much more able. They enhance the power of computers to “see” and “think” to make sure computers function the way they are programmed to.

As a Computer Engineer they should understand both computer hardware and applications to enable them to find new discoveries and alternatives. Moreover, they should consider networking, design automation, machine intelligence, design automation, online security, software and embedded system of a computer. In accordance with the important technical aspects of computer engineering, Computer engineers use a majority of the methods and concepts of electrical engineering and several of computer science to come up with new development on computer technology.

The Study of Computer Engineering

A Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering program is an interdisciplinary course, which integrates both Electrical Engineering (EE) and Computer Science area. Computer engineering degree covers topics in computer hardware and software. There are lots of universities offering CE possibly for a diploma program or just as a sub-area of EE. Some of the excellent CE classes add instruction to the electronic, power and electronics systems. They cover disciplines that allow in electronic rational method circuits, computer and communication apparatus, and electro-optics microprocessors. Others acknowledge micro coding, logic circuits, electronic prototype processing, machine vision and lasers.

If you want to continue studies in CE, there are graduate and postgraduate programs for Computer Engineering. The Master’s degree covers advanced studies in programming, computer architecture, electronic design, and built-in methods while within the post-graduate program it include progressive studies in computer architecture, logic developing, hardware design and computer arithmetic languages.

Computer Engineering Job Outlook

There are many individuals who manage to become successful in this profession, the chances and benefits are just boundless. As they say, sky is the limit with its promising possibilities. Actually, some of the most successful and wealthy personalities in history are in line with this profession. There is Bill Gates, who owns Microsoft and Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of Facebook.

Although competition is really tough with this profession, you have boundless opportunities to choose from. Unlike the conventional branches of engineering, which are more or less static and change quite slowly, computer engineering is exceptionally dynamic. Therefore, it’s really a world for thinkers and innovators.

Based on the study of United States Bureau of Labor Statistics the employment rate for computer engineering will likely to increase by 11% from 2010 to 2020. The median yearly wage of computer engineers in May 2010 was $98,810. Just imagine how much it is nowadays.

However not everyone who dives in this area of study manages to become successful computer engineer. But if you are really enthusiastic about technology and love computers then do not let anyone stop you from pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering degree.