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Bachelor of Clinical Science

Course Outline for Bachelor of Clinical Science

Bachelor of Clinical Science

A Bachelor of Clinical Sciences degree is focused on a comprehensive study of the fundamentals of biomedical science. This means that is it a great choice for anyone who wants to pursue a health related profession. Students under this course can choose to specialize or not. Those who specialize focus on the field they chose can be employed in high regard and high paying jobs. While those who choose not to specialize can choose their own set of subjects to study making their knowledge very general but also very diverse. This course is also a great starting point for those who want to pursue advanced medical courses such as dentistry, medicine, psychology, etc.

Career Opportunities

Graduates of Bachelor of Clinical Science can chose among numerous fields in health and education. They can choose to work in public medical and health centers or in private pharmacies, resorts, corporations etc. They can also become full time researchers in the public or private sector. You can also choose to share what you know to others via becoming a professor and teaching in public or private colleges. Specializations of the course include but are not limited to naturopathy, osteopathy, and psychology and dietetics.

Professional Recognition

  1. Osteopathy

  • Bachelor of Clinical Sciences major in Osteopathic Studies and Human Structure and Function

  • Master of Osteopathic Medicine

  • Osteopathy License

  1. Psychology

    • Bachelor of Psychological Science

    • 10 units in the Psychology major

  1. Naturopathy

    • Majors in Naturopathic Studies and Complementary Medicine

    • Postgraduate in Nutrition/Dietetics for Human Nutrition Majors

    • Associate Nutritionist License for Human Nutrition majors

  1. Pedorthist

    • Pedorthic Studies and Foot Care double major

    • Pedorthic License

Major Areas of Study

  • Ageing

This major is focused on the discovery of ways to prevent or delay the numerous signs of aging and the ailments that they bring. The most popular profession in this field is being a researcher for health supplements and wellness products.

  • Complementary Medicine

This major revolves around the study of methods and development of multivitamins that help enhance the effects of the standard and basic forms of medicine.

  • Ecosystem Management

This field is all about developing approaches and strategies that will help man be able to coexist better and more harmoniously with the environment. It is a field for those who want to take care of and promote sustainability.

  • Foot Care

This major focuses on keeping the feet and the legs healthy. This field requires the least years of study and is therefore ideal for those who want to get employed as soon as possible.

  • Human Nutrition

This major focuses on the development of vitamin and nutrient supplements that help improve the general state of health of individuals.

  • Human Structure and Function

This major is centred on the structure of the human body and ways to improve it. It also includes the study of the proper posture.

  • Naturopathic Studies

This major focuses on an all natural means of improving general health and combating illnesses and infection. It is where natural pills syrups are developed.

  • Osteopathic Studies

This major is all about finding synthetic alternatives for the popular natural medication and treatment.

Those who opted not to take up a major are required to take up numerous other units so they can claim themselves as general study experts. This path is ideal for those who prefer an occupation of general clinical consultant.