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Bachelor of Science in Construction Management

Building a Future Using Bachelor of Science in Construction Management DegreeBachelor of Science in Construction Management

The construction industry is one of the most influential industries in developed countries such as the United States. Construction being the largest industry in the US has huge impacts to the nation’s economy. The employment opportunities it promotes are enormous from construction workers to machine operators to architects and to engineers. As technology progresses and the human population grows, countries especially the developed ones experience a dire need for construction professionals. Studies show that the demand for construction workforce will exceed the supply for at least one more decade. So new enrolls need not fear that the competition for jobs has will be tighter by the time they graduate. Common results of construction management are:

  • Apartment buildings
  • Bridges
  • Freeways
  • Skyscrapers

Paving the Way to Success

A growing number of colleges and universities are now offering the undergraduate degree of Bachelor of Science in Construction Management. The degree program is aimed at equipping the students with the theoretical knowledge and practical skills needed to become competent construction managers that are able to contribute positively to the industry. During the course of the program they will become adept at the various construction management techniques and principles as well as the common legal implications that may hinder a project. Common areas of the study that need to be completed are:

  • Building Codes
  • Construction Measurement
  • Construction Safety Management
  • Mechanical Materials
  • Mechanical Systems
  • Project Management
  • Site Construction

Potential Future Jobs

1. Building Inspector

The task of building inspectors is keeping buildings safe by making sure that they are complying with all safety codes. You evaluate repairs and any forms of alterations made on the building or structure. You can also perform checks during any stage of construction to make sure that they are compliant not only to local regulations but also to state, zoning, and federal laws. After performing the checks you are then to make a recommendation regarding your findings. If you are to recommend changes you are to oversee their implementation and then evaluate the resulting benefits.

2. Construction Manager

The primary tasks of construction managers is planning and coordinating various phases of the project together and making sure various teams are in unison and working only with one goal which is successful and proper completion of the project. You may be hired to plan and supervise one project or manage a set of projects. Regardless, you will be in charge of managing the workforce. Common positions in occupied by construction managers are:

  • Construction superintendent
  • General construction manager
  • Project engineer

3. Heavy Equipment Operator

Heavy equipment operators are those that drive heavy machinery to move heavy materials such as construction equipment and huge amounts of earth and cement. Bulldozers are the most popular heavy equipment in the construction industry. Others are road graders and tamping machinery. This is one of the most popular career options because it is a lot easier to land and the operator is often paid at an hourly rate.

Show me the Money

Bachelor of Science in Construction Management is one of the most popular construction degrees because of the potential for huge earnings that it possesses. The range of salary however is quite large as it depends on numerous factors such as the position, the project, the location, and the economic conditions. If we would take into account only the average earnings of the middle 50% then we would arrive at a figure of $60,000.  If we are to consider only those in the management positions we will have a figure of $80,000.