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Bachelors of Science in English Literature

Obtain an Online Degree in Bachelors of Science in English Literature

Bachelors of Science in English LiteratureThere are individuals gifted with the talent for reading and writing. There are those who can read stories or articles in a more captivating way than others and there are also those who can write interesting and convincing features and editorials. There are several undergraduate degree programs that cater to individuals with one or both of the said gifts and one of the most popular ones is the online Bachelors of Science in English Literature degree.

Why Online?

Convenience is the primary advantage of studying online. You will be able to select your own schedule and study at your own pace because you will always be able to continue where you left off. If you are busy with a job or any other commitment you can choose to take it slow and study for just two to three hours each day. Just keep in mind that you should not be too hasty or too slow in finishing the program or your learning might suffer. You will also be able to study right at your own home where you feel most comfortable.

Affordability is another strong point of online degree programs. They cost a lot less because the provider has a lot less overheads and expenses to pay for so he has the luxury of offering really affordable prices. Since you will be studying at home the need for a dormitory or the need to pay for transportation to and from the college or university will be completely behind you. You will enjoy huge amounts of savings by studying via the internet.

Career Paths

Completing a degree in Bachelors of Science in English Literature will make it easier for an individual to enter a career in writing. Several other employment paths also become available. The individual can enter the education sector as a teacher for primary and secondary school since English skills can be useful in any subject. He may also teach the same program he finished as a college professor. Other titles one may acquire or come closer to acquiring by holding the degree are but not limited to:

  • Historian
  • Lawyer
  • Marketing Communications Professional
  • Museum Curator
  • Non-profit Director
  • Politician

Program Outcomes

The undergraduate program intends to equip students with:

  1. Effective Written and Oral Communication Skills

Learn how to understand and be understood through all channels of communication. This will allow you to better express yourself and better interact with others and improve your persuasion abilities.


  1. Creative and Critical Thinking Skills

You will be able to view things through various perspectives and be able to make better judgment in dire circumstances. You will be able to enrich your imagination and come up with original solutions to problems.


  1. Advance Knowledge of Literary Classics

You will gain a new and better interpretation of the world by reading, reviewing, and debating about the timeless works of art English literature has to offer.

  1. Advanced Research Strategies and Techniques

You will become knowledgeable of the various means of finding whatever it is you are looking for in a collection of data and information. You will be able to form a solid support base for your ideologies in a faster and more reliable manner.


Accreditation Check

Keep in mind that an online degree is valid only if it was awarded by an accredited online degree provider. So make sure to verify the accreditation of an online school before even considering enrolment.