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Bachelors of Science in Chemical Engineering

The High Paying Careers That Utilize a Bachelors of Science in Chemical Engineering DegreeBachelors of Science in Chemical Engineering

A Bachelors of Science in Chemical Engineering degree is currently one of the most in demand engineering degree programs. This is because the current number of chemical engineers is very small yet the demand for them is very high. This is why professionals in this field are able to enjoy huge amounts of profit. The profession is also very stable and is expected to withstand even another global financial crisis. The demand for these particular types of engineer is so high that even fresh graduates are paid huge sums of money. Recent studies show that among the numerous types of engineers chemical engineers rank second in terms of the median annual salary. First grads can be awarded an average of $70,000 per year. This amount can be considered extravagant as it is almost twice what fresh graduates of other programs received on their first employment. In fact, the figure is even higher that what experienced individuals of other careers earn after being in their field for a few years.

High Demand

The occupation is high reward. You should therefore expect it to also be high demand. Fresh graduates and seasoned professionals alike are expected to excel and realize the steady industry growth many experts have envisioned. This makes careers in the field sustainable and stable so continuously growing as a professional to retain your job is well worth it. Even the academic requirements are strict. Your high school glades in math and science should be highly above average before will be considered as a candidate.

The Tasks

Holders of a degree in Bachelors of Science in Chemical Engineering will practice their profession as problem solvers. You will be entrusted with the difficult task of finding that thin line that brings science together with the want and need of consumers. You will me in charge of the resources and raw materials. You will make sure all materials are in tiptop shape. Raw resources are important because they are what will serve as building blocks for any project. You should find more effective and efficient ways of using raw materials in industry, manufacturing, or retailing products.

Career Possibilities

Graduates of the degree program have numerous employment opportunities to work with. The industries you can work on are but not limited to the following:

  • Chemical and Mineral Facilities
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Paper and Pulp Industry
  • Petroleum Businesses
  • Pharmaceutical Industry

Rules and Regulations

Chemical engineering can be a risky and dangerous field if managed or performed carelessly. This is why there is a high degree of government intervention in the field. You should be aware of the various policies that the government may have that can directly affect the way you work. Internship in a government agency can provide you with a great leeway if you want to practice as part of the government sector. Your primary duty would then become inspection and providing expert advice to key government officials.

Requirements to Succeed

To be eligible to enroll in the degree program you should be exemplary in mathematics as well as the basic science subjects. The core subjects include not only chemistry but also biology, physics, and applied science. If the said subjects are difficult for you then you are probably not cut out for the profession. If you do excel in the said subjects then by all means take up the degree program. Chemical Engineering is a life only math and science lovers can survive in.