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Bachelor of Science in Quantity Surveying Engineering

The Course Outline of a Bachelor of Science in Quantity Surveying Engineering DegreeBachelor of Science in Quantity Surveying Engineering

Engineering is one of the most respected sciences out there because it is in play almost everywhere. Anywhere there is a huge structure or building engineering is present. As the science grew, numerous branches of it have spawned and degree programs for each of these branches have also came to rise. This leads students with a variety of options and they can select the branch of engineering that fits their interest or career of choice in the future. One of the many courses related to this science are contained in a Bachelor of Science in Quantity Surveying Engineering degree program.

Program Objectives

One of the several advantages of the program compared to other engineering courses is that it takes only four years to complete as opposed to most of its counterparts that require five years. The aim of the program is to arm its students with both theoretical and practical knowledge in regards to identifying construction resources as well as their cost and value. This will enable them to promote proper control and utilization of resources. They can easily identify over or undervaluation of resources as well as other anomalies that can transpire in regards to construction projects.

Program Expectations

Holders of a Bachelor of Science in Quantity Surveying Engineering degree are expected to have careers in their sector of choice be it public, private, or education. The program will equip the students with the knowledge and skills necessary to qualify and excel in whatever sector they get employed in. The program will also keep them updated with the latest technological advancements and innovations in the field. They will also be taught on how to deal with all kinds of people they are likely to encounter upon finding employment.

Short Term and Medium Term Objectives

  • Creation of an environment that has the natural capabilities of producing quantity surveyors.

  • Reduction of the gap in human resources when it comes to quantity surveyors.

  • Combine the trusted methods and strategies of the past with the newest and more advanced techniques and processes of the modern age.

  • Improve the balance of surveyors in terms of gender.

Long Term Objective

The ultimate objective of the program is to produce highly skilled and very competent surveyors who will pave the way for better control and management of resources thus promoting sustainability and helping alleviate the conditions in the community. The students will not only be instructed with experienced professors but will also participate in various laboratory and computer training. They will also be exposed to first-hand experience through on-the-job training programs. There will also be numerous seminars and workshops to provide supplemental knowledge and skills need to rise above the competition in this very competitive industry.

Competency in Mathematics

Mathematics is the language of engineers regardless of the area of specialization. The program therefore is not meant for those who are not good at or hate Math. It is not advised for those who are average in math either. You need to at least be above average because you will encounter a lot of advanced math subjects. As you go through the study of engineering you will learn to breathe and live numbers. Numbers will be with you wherever you go. You will likely learn to love math if you haven’t already. Your calculator will be your best friend during your studies and you should learn to both depend on it and make quick computations using only your mind.