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Bachelor of Science in Plant Science

Empower Your Green Thumb with Bachelor of Science in Plant Science Degree

Bachelor of Science in Plant ScienceThere are those who are born with a green thumb and destined to for greatness in the field of agriculture. Agriculture has grown a lot as an industry especially now that more and more people are becoming more aware of the numerous advantages of switching to the consumption of organic produce. This has led to more and more farms steering away from traditional farming which has been proven to be perilous to the health. This is because the various chemicals contained in pesticides and herbicides can contaminate the produce while artificial fertilizer can waste away the nutrients they contain.

Introduction to the Course

Bachelor of Science in Plant Science aims to teach students about the science of growing plants. They will learn the different methods and strategies for growing certain types and species of plants. They will also learn about various solutions about the common problems faced by farmers. They will also become familiar with both tried and tested techniques and the newest innovations and latest technological advancements. Combining the best of both worlds is the best approach in dealing with plant life.

Business Sense

Students will not only learn about growing plants but also about harvesting and storing the produce as well as transporting and selling them. Hence, they will become knowledgeable with basic management techniques and marketing strategies. This will allow them to become businessmen and entrepreneurs if they prefer it over becoming farmers.

Problem Solvers

Graduate of Bachelor of Science in Plant Science transcend ordinary farmers in the sense that their extensive knowledge gives them high probability of solving problems they may encounter in the field. They are the innovators of farming and are responsible for developing new techniques and processes that can help improve the quality, ease and convenience of farming activities. The most recent product of the study are the GMOs or genetically modified organisms. Genetically altered plants are more resistant to pests and diseases, and bear bigger fruits and vegetables at a faster rate.

On-the-Job Experience

Students of the program are required to complete a certain number of on-the-job training before they can graduate. This is because importance and a feel of the profession is an essential quality needed before a new bachelor of agriculture can be set loose on the field. There are things that cannot be taught by any means of instruction and can only be learned through experience.

Internship Program

An internship program is the best way to acquire first hand experience. There are two ways to complete an internship. The first way is to complete a part time internship that lasts for the duration of the school year. In this arrangement, you will need to spend a few hours each day for the internship. The second way is to finish a full time internship during summer. In this arrangement, you will spend your vacation days almost entirely on your internship.

Earning Potential

Degree holders of agriculture programs can expect around $50,000 of annual profits simply from their farming activities. They can also perform research activities while managing a farm. If they happen to come up with a new discovery or invention they can have it patented and earn from it. You can also become a full time researcher for the government or a private company. Being a full time researcher however requires you to make regular documentation of your progress and failing to do so may lead to the termination of your contract.