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Bachelor of Science in Physics

Job Opportunities that Come with a Bachelor of Science in Physics Degree

Bachelor of Science in PhysicsA degree in Bachelor of Science in Physics is one of the most flexible. This is because Physics is involved in almost every industry. Physics is a very a science giant with numerous branches and as a degree holder you can specialist in any one or more of these branches.

Popular Industries that Need Physics Specialists

  • Armed Forces
  • Electronics
  • Hospital Physics
  • Industrial Physics
  • Quality Control Testing
  • Telecommunications

Popular Specializations in Physics

  • Astronomy
  • Computer Science
  • Engineering Physics
  • Geophysics
  • Molecular Physics
  • Nuclear Physics
  • Optical Physics
  • Space Physics

Popular Areas of Work for Physics Majors

  • Atmospheric Sciences
  • Energy and Resource Sciences
  • Laser Technology
  • Ocean Sciences
  • Photography
  • Space Technology
  • Telecommunications
  • Television
  • Video Recording

Physics is a difficult subject. You should therefore ask yourself if you really are interested in the subject and if you are confident that you can excel in it. You should have an imaginative and curious mind that is never satisfied with what it knows. You should commit yourself to finding answers to the various questions of the universe. You need to have a strong commitment in the profession. It is a full time occupation that requires significant amounts of time and effort. A degree in Bachelor of Science in Physics is one of the hardest to achieve. It is also however one of the most rewarding. If you love discovery and experimentation you can work as a researcher for the government or a private institution.

Academic Requirements

Numerous physicists were able to change the world forever due to their discoveries. Physicists are considered the most brilliant minds in society. This is why the requirements needed to become eligible for the course are very tedious and most find them overwhelming. You should have good grades in all subjects and have outstanding grades in subjects related to match and science. Universities and colleges that offer the degree also make it available only to the top scorers of their admission exams. Hence, you will need to be knowledgeable of all subjects covered by the exam.

Recommendation from Teachers

Academic excellence is not enough to make you qualified to be a physicist. You also need to have a vivid imagination and a never give up attitude. As Albert Einstein said in regards to one of his discoveries, “I have failed 99 times, and got it right on the 100th try.” This is why colleges and universities require recommendation letters from your teachers that support your prowess and potential for intellectual greatness as well as your unparalleled attitude towards accomplishing your goals. If you plan to study the course in order to become a teacher, bear in mind that you will need to pass the Teacher’s License Exams in order to practice teaching. No accreditation or certificate on the other hand is needed to practice physics. All you need is the bachelor’s degree.

Ultimate Understanding

The ultimate goal of Physics is to understand the universe which includes matter and how it works along with everything that affects it. In the process, you will understand everything around you better and clearer. This is why an experienced physicist will be welcome in any field or industry he wants to venture. His general knowledge can be useful in any given scenario his employment can present him.