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Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

The Language of the New Millennium Can Be Obtained With a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

Bachelor of Science in Information TechnologyThe advance computer and internet generation created a totally different world in human history. There is no turning back. Information and data are being contained in even smaller mediums and hardware. Every year, the leading innovators in telecommunications and media outsmart each other by introducing more compact, intelligent and highly-interactive gadgets, hardware and software that basically change the landscapes of the global community.

Inventions and innovations come when the need arises. And in our day-to-day interaction with the rest of the world, either personal, linear or via the internet, we encounter necessities that challenge the mind of technological geniuses. Take for example the creation of social media, which now became more popular than traditional media. We used to know the news and trivia from our television sets and newspapers but today that is fast-becoming obsolete.

Newspapers are now facing the problem of competing with themselves because of their on-line publications. This is just one industry that relies heavily on the latest information technology and information systems. Imagine the numerous other industries that are now confronted by pressing challenges how to keep abreast of technology.

Everyone needs to be updated. Every office, every factory, every manufacturing plant, every media outfit, every advertising firm and marketing agency, every government office, every business, almost everything needs to be updated to survive the millennium era of technology.

How to Keep Pace with the Changing World?

The only way to survive in this “generation X” jungle is to learn and be equipped.

The Bachelor of Science in Information Technology or B.S. in IT is one of the hottest technological degrees now being offered by schools and colleges. Basically, it deals with the study of development and management of computer-based data, information and knowledge.

There are different careers under IT. One will find these interesting for they offer job opportunities and sizable amount of salaries to degree holders.

  1. Computer and Information Research Scientists – they develop and conceive new technology. They provide solutions to complex technological problems encountered by people working in medicine, business and other scientific disciplines. They also devise new uses for old technologies. The average salary range for computer and information research scientists is US$100,660 per year.
  2. Computer Programmers – they design programs needed to support software programs. Their creations are codes that enable computers to follow instructions and applications for the benefit of the users. Most programmers receive at least US$72,000 per year.
  3. Information security analysts, web developers, and computer network architects – their main concern is to protect, secure and promote their IT-based company. They receive salaries ranging from US$70,000 to US$75,000 per year.
  4. Computer Support Specialists – they are ones you call when you have a problem with your computer. They provide advice and support to individuals or companies that use computer software or hardware. They are the IT technicians. They get at least US$46,000 per year.
  5. Computer Systems Analysts – they help companies or agencies to be more efficient and effective in its operation by studying, reviewing and recommending better systems in using computers and relevant systems to information technology. They usually get a salary of US$77,000 per year.
  6. Database Administrators – they keep, organize and manage data that is imperative to the operations of a certain company or agency. The average salary for a database administrator is US$73,500 per year.
  7. Software Developers – they are the geniuses that puts life to our computer hardware. They developed software programs needed in our day-to-day work like lay-outing a newspaper, or designing a building, computing payrolls, or editing a film. All software programs we use in computer programs are created by these geniuses. They are usually paid at least US$90,000 per year.