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Bachelor of Science in Environmental Engineering

The Rewards of Having a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Engineering Degree

Bachelor of Science in Environmental EngineeringIn 1969, for the first time people saw the magical beauty of earth through the iconic photos from outer space. It is a “big blue marble” in an enormous galaxy, a wonderful earth that reminds us of our responsibility to protect and preserve it. Our responsibility to protect our environment is somehow innate to most of us. However, when industrialization came many people have forgotten this collective consciousness. We can see and feel these adverse effects through various global environmental issues and we can no longer deny the fact that our planet needs us now more than ever.

With these growing environmental problems, many have already taken the initiative to join the environmental vision. Governments and several organizations are now searching for alternatives and developing sustainable solutions for our deteriorating planet. One of these solutions is the development of new disciplines in education that focus on environmental preservation and protection. Creating awareness and educating people about the current condition of our environment will open the minds and hearts of many in joining the environmental movement.

A Bachelor of Science in Environmental Engineering degree was created to help in development of permanent and sustainable solutions for our environment. This degree entails the application of engineering principles in addressing ecological problems and understanding procedures in a changing and complex environment. Essential issues addressed by this program contain the control of water and atmosphere pollution, industrial hygiene, safety and environmental health, solid waste management, hazardous waste management, and pollution prevention.

This program also covers the fields of geology, biology, chemistry, ecology, atmospheric sciences, urban planning, water resources engineering, pollution prevention, waste management, environmental engineering design, and geo-technical engineering

Importance of Environmental Engineering to the environment

  1. It creates environmental awareness
  2. Environmental engineering includes the management and execution of programs and solutions, which are in harmony with the essentials of sustainable development.
  3. It highlights studies in water and air pollution control, water supply, recycling, proper waste-disposal, transportation, sustainable buildings, process engineering and public-health problems
  4. It helps governments to create new pollution control methods and waste management solutions.
  5. It helps in developing sustainable engineering projects
  6. Assist in creating environmental protection measures.

Salary and Career Paths of Environmental Engineers

Graduates of environmental engineering programs will be competent in a myriad of careers associated with environmental protection and preservation. Environmental engineers can work within the government, private sector, and academe. Many engineering consulting companies also employ engineers to assist local governments on problems including water and air pollution control and solid and hazardous waste management. Some manufacturing sectors employ environmental engineers to help in keeping them in compliance with government regulations.

Based on the reports of United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the top most industries that hire the most number of environmental engineers are Local Government, Federal Executive Branch, State Government, Management, Scientific, and Technical Consulting Services, Non-Government Environmental Organizations, Environmental Agencies, and Architectural, Engineering, and Related Services. Moreover, the top paying industries for this profession include Oil and Gas Extraction industry, Pipeline Transportation of Crude Oil, Resin, Synthetic Rubber, and Artificial Synthetic Fibers and Filaments Manufacturing, Management of Companies and Enterprises and other Support Services.

The median yearly salary for environmental engineers was $78,740 in May 2010 and increased in May 2012 with $85,140 median salary per year.

Job Outlook for Environmental Engineers

With the increasing environmental awareness and growing number of organizations and companies that are taking action towards a greener and cleaner environment, the job opportunities for environmental engineers are more likely to increase. According to United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment for this profession will increase by 22% from 2010 to 2020.

No doubt with the reports released by Bureau of Labor Statistics, there is a wonderful future for environmental engineers. They are not only helping themselves but most importantly, they are making a difference to the environment.