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Bachelor of Science in Education

Help Shape the Lives of Children by Getting a Bachelor of Science in Education

Bachelor of Science in EducationDegree Teaching is considered as the noblest profession because of its great effect on the next generations. Teachers directly influence the competencies and ethics of the next generation. It is also considered one of the most stable occupation because as long as there are children, there will also be the need for teachers. Most countries especially the underdeveloped ones experience a shortage in teachers which means that the chances of getting employed after graduation and passive the License Exams for Teachers is very high. Public teachers are also given unique advantages such as pay even during summer vacation and semester breaks. All these benefits make Bachelor of Science in Education an option to be considered.

Is a Bachelor of Science in Education Meant for You?

The first thing you should ask yourself is do you like children? If you do not mind being surrounded by children for several hours each day then the degree program will probably work well for you. Elementary education is one of the most influential stages of an individual’s life. This is because his elementary education will form his theoretical and practical knowledge which are directly related to how he will perform during secondary education and college. Your role is therefore essential. The pressure of teaching elementary is regarded as several times heavier than the pressure of teaching high school and tertiary education.

Fondness for Kids

You are going to deal with kids all day long so unless you are really fond of children you might experience patience and tolerance issues which will be bad for your professional life. So before making the decision to take the program it might be a good idea to experience taking care of kids. Look for babysitting jobs so you can test yourself regarding your ability to understand and entertain kids. If you are having trouble babysitting one kid then you are likely to have a lot more trouble instructing a group of children. In this case, choosing another path is highly advised.

Versatility of Knowledge and Skills

Unlike higher levels of education in which you need to focus only a few subjects, Bachelor of Science in Education requires you to have a strong foundation in all kindergarten and elementary subjects. This is because the common setup for kindergarten and elementary education is having only one teacher in charge of the whole education of a class of students. This is because it will be easier for students to adjust to only one instructor instead of several ones. This is why you must be prepared to study and teach even the subjects that you do not like or least interest you.

Education Requirements

Students who wish to purse a degree in education should be well versed with all the core subjects such as English, Mathematics, and Science. You cannot escape teaching one or more of the core subjects so you should try to enjoy them as early as high school. After completing the first two years of the program you will be given to choose your specialization. This will allow you to select what level of education you will work in. You can choose to teach kindergarten or any of the grades one to seven. Though primary school teachers are required to teach all subjects, they are given the luxury to choose a grade level of specialization. If you want to teach the very basics then choose to teach in grade one. If the more advanced subjects keep you interested then opt to teach in grade six or seven.