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Bachelor of Science in Architecture

Bachelor of Science in Architecture

Bachelor of Science in ArchitectureArchitecture is a classic craft. It came from the Greek word arkhitekton where “arkhi” means master (or chief) and “tekton” is builder. Nowadays, a draftsman, a chief builder and an architectural designer may render architectural services but may not always be called an architect. Before you can be an Architect, you need to complete certain requirements such as completing the Bachelor of Science in Architecture degree from an accredited institution and passing the license exam. But before we discuss the bachelor’s degree in architecture further, let us have a brief overview of Architecture.

Introduction to Architecture

The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) was founded in 1837 and it was only in mid 19the century that Architecture became an organized occupation. RIBA was established to further develop architectural education and to provide prominence of architecture in every town and city. Then two decades after, The American Institute of Architects was likewise started following the footsteps of the British Architects. At that time, architecture education was mainly influence by the Ecole des Beaux Arts, a French Academy in Paris which was established during the 17th century. The influence of Beaux-Arts Classicism was broadly evident in most architectural designs of America including Grand Central Terminal and such structures as the New York Public Library.

Architecture continued to develop at the turn of the last century. Architects were mostly showmen and became marketers themselves. They paid much attention to details and even illustrated their artistry not only on their crafts but on their own places and offices. Nowadays, the same artistry style is evident in most architectural firms.

How to be an Architect?

To start an architecture profession, you have to first be equipped with a university degree in architecture in one of the 114 architecture programs accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board. You can choose from several kinds of specialization or education programs in architecture. The four primary kinds of architecture programs will be the 5 year bachelor’s degree, 2-year Master of Architecture degree, 3-4 year Master of Architecture degree and the PhD in Architecture. The most typical kind is the 5-year Bachelor of Science in Architecture program.

In the United States, they require architecture graduates to obtain license to practice their profession. It depends on the state where one will be practicing architecture. Below are the requirements that need to be completed for architecture license:

  1. A bachelor’s degree in architecture from schools accredited by the NAAB

  2. An internship in an organization with an authorized architect for 3 years

  3. A passing grade on architecture license examination administered by NCARB or the National Council of Architectural Registration Board.

Moreover, one can be a licensed architect even without the degree if he did architectural projects for an authorized architect for 10 years. In certain cases such this, the candidate could be permitted to have Architect Registration Test or ARE and if he passes he could be given a permit to practice architecture.

Top 18 Schools for the Architecture undergraduate program

  1. Cornell University

  2. Southern California Institute of Architecture

  3. Rice University

  4. Syracuse University

  5. California Polytechnic State Univ., San Luis Obispo

  6. University of Texas at Austin

  7. Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

  8. Rhode Island School of Design

  9. Iowa State University

  10. Auburn University

  11. Pratt Institute

  12. Carnegie Mellon University

  13. University of Notre Dame

  14. University of Oregon

  15. Boston Architectural College

  16. University of Southern California

  17. Cooper Union

  18. Pennsylvania State University

Architecture as a Profession

It has frequently been said that we become what we repeatedly do and it affects the way we present ourselves to others. In correlation, our way of life can actually tell a lot about our standards and inclinations in the same way our houses represent a great approximation of the attitude we consider and the lifestyles we lead. These are just few of the significant variables the architects must bring forward in constructing homes as well as the structures that people want.

They are not only planners but builders and designers as well. Their profession covers and takes into account the principles of engineering, components, aesthetics, building codes, local ordinances, structural principles and materials availability. Architects must also understand their customers’ environment and wants to successfully provide advice and convey ideas and images into a final design.

In terms of salary and benefits, their compensations can be influence by many factors such as location, experience, firm, and level of education. Based on the data of US Department of Labor Statistics in May 2011, architects in the United States earn between $44,030 and $119,410 annually and their annual average wage is $79,300 a year, while their average hourly rate is $38.13.

If you would like to pursue this profession, there are a number of schools to choose from that offer online training for Bachelor of Science in Architecture.