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Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering

The Exciting Jobs of Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering

Bachelor of Science in Aerospace EngineeringAn individual holding a degree in Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering possesses advanced understanding of a wide array of engineering disciplines. They should have enough knowledge and skills in the fields of manufacturing, materials selection, and structural integrity sciences because they will be required to build crafts as they practice their profession. They should also have deep knowledge regarding aerodynamics, avionics and propulsion because they will be building not just any craft but someone that can travel in the air and even in space.

These particular engineers should also be outstanding problem solvers because they can expect numerous problems and issues when dealing with the sky and space. They should have advance mathematical skills to identify and assess the current situation as well as powerful communication skills so that they can relay findings to the rest of the team quickly and efficiently. They should also be quick thinkers because there are situations in which they will be given only minutes or even seconds to come up with a solution. They should be willing to work alone or as part of a team.

The Two Primary Branches

Aerospace Engineering

This branch is focused in the science of designing and constructing an aircraft. The primary role of this branch is the creation of transport planes that can speed up travel time from one part of the globe to another. They are also involved in developing flying weaponry such as fighter planes and war helicopters.

Astronautical Engineering

This branch is concerned about the science of designing and constructing a spacecraft. The main responsibility of this branch is the construction of satellites that help in global communication as well as crafts that can take human beings to outer space. They also create unmanned drones to explore nearby heavenly bodies without endangering human life such as that of astronauts.

Practitioners of a Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering degree should be knowledgeable of all the stages of creating an aircraft or a spacecraft. They should be able to create designs and blueprints that would serve as the guides for bringing the products of their imagination to life. Next, they should be able to build the crafts based on the designs and find ways for the real thing to be exactly what the design and blue print described. And finally, they should be able to test finished products and ascertain whether they are functioning as intended. They should also be able to troubleshoot the crafts to make sure that no errors were made.

Advanced Requirements

It requires a bachelor’s degree just to be able to fill in the lowest positions in aircraft and spacecraft making. If you want to be the head of a team or something even higher you will have to take the next step and improve your qualifications into the master’s or doctor’s level. If you cannot pursue advancement because of financial difficulty then you can use your baccalaureate degree to enter the workforce. The profession is very high paying even for the rank and file. You can then save money for your education and then continue with the advancement of your qualifications.

Continuous Professional Education

Aerospace engineering often comes with extensive “research and development” or R&D activities which is why the field is always changing and evolving. An aerospace engineer should always be updated with the said changes so that he will not lag behind.