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Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering

Land the Hottest Job in America with Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering

Bachelor of Science in Software EngineeringNumerous magazines have listed software engineering as one of the most rewarding jobs in the United States. Every statistic shows that is the best career option available. The demand for the job continues to grow at a steady rate, the pay is very high, and it is very flexible and the employment possibilities are diverse. It definitely is everybody’s dream job.

Solitary Profession

A student planning to enrol under a course of Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering should be aware that the profession has one of the highest solitude levels. It is therefore the best path introverts who prefer to avoid contact with others can hope to take. A software developer spends almost all of his work time alone. Even when part of a team the interaction with the other members would involve mostly reporting of progress of your individual tasks and the overall progress of the project. Most of your time will be spend creating codes and testing them.

Innovative Thinkers

Outstanding analytical and critical thinking skills are necessary for a software engineer. He needs to be versatile and be able to keep up with the constant changes in programming languages and the steady advancement of technology. He needs to be able to think outside and box and have a very wide imagination. He should always aim to create software that surpasses its predecessors. He needs to have deep knowledge in math and computer sciences that will enable him create meaningful and efficient software and applications.

Brilliant Troubleshooters

Holders of Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering degrees are amazing problem solvers. They are quick to detect errors in software and are fast to troubleshoot the problem. Most of the time, developers are separated from testers to allow them to further their mastery of their field. There are however also times when the developer is the one testing his own creation.

Flexible Hours

Most software engineers earn a living at a work from home basis. This means that they are able to work at their most convenient time. Most prefer an output method of performance evaluation in which they can work whenever and how much they want as long as they meet their deadlines. The only time you would need to leave the house for work is during meetings and collaborations. If you are a fast worker and a good time manager you can even work on two or more projects from different companies at the same time. This will greatly increase your earnings. If you want to be flexible in your time and day of work then this career path is perfect for you.

High Level of Compensation

IT and software related jobs are the highest paid in today’s modern society. Skill and experienced software engineers can earn a bare minimum of $100,000 per year which is several times higher than the average wage. Those with a good portfolio can even earn up to $120,000 per year. Those with moderate skill and experience can earn no less than $70,000 while skilled beginners can start at around $50,000. The nature of business of the employer can also add to or subtract from your compensation.

High Job Demand

Software engineering is one of the most sought after professions in America. The demand for software engineers continuous grow at an amazing rate. The trend is not expected to change in the near future which means that if you start taking a degree program today the demand will still be high even after you complete the course.