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Bachelor of Science in Management

Make Things Happen With a Bachelor of Science in Management Degree

Bachelor of Science in Management
Trained and well-educated managers have the advantage to build solid careers in the corporate world. They can also solicit enough experience from working with others before starting their own business as entrepreneurs. Either way, managers are in-demand all over the market – from the travel and tourism industry to medicine, engineering, manufacturing, BPOs, agri-business, IT, telecommunications and more.

In this era of high competitiveness in the corporate and business sector, the best managers survive the competition. And with the fluctuating trends in the global economies, the best managers rise above their limitations and embrace the challenges.

The best managers usually climb up the ladder. Most of the seasoned managers become chief executive officers, chief operating officers, vice presidents or even presidents of companies. This profession is also very rewarding because most managers enjoy company perks and benefits like free transport, lodging, travel, commodities and even utilities.

Getting There

For a student to become a manager, a degree is required by employers as a basic qualification. A Bachelor of Science in Management is a degree course available to almost all colleges and universities. But the best schools for Management are still the top-ranking universities like Stanford University, Yale University, Harvard, Pennsylvania S, University of California – Berkeley, London School of Economics and Political Science, University of Tokyo in Japan and the Asian Institute of Management (AIM).

A Bachelor of Science in Management degree studies the management of people, resources and operational processes in businesses and industries. It deals with human resources, operational systems and standard labor policies. A good manager needs to have the skills for communication, analytical and creative thinking and problem solving.

For specialized degrees for specific fields like human resource or information systems, Bachelor of Science in Management degree program is broader in scope. The program was designed to provide students with the know-how and training in handling and managing different departments in any company or organization.

Optimizing Your Degree

Having a bachelor’s degree in Management, brighter future lies ahead of the way as it is easier to get jobs in almost all industries in the corporate world. Although managers have bigger tasks and responsibilities, they get the best perks when things get done in the company. Here are few of the job opportunities for Management degree holders.

Human Resources Manager

    • Human resource managers supervise the hiring and development of personnel, ensuring that each worker function well for the benefit of the company operations. The human resource manager also acts as the liaison of the company or employer in case a labor union problem arises. The HR manager also reviews and oversees the salary rates, benefits, incentives and claims of employees.

General / Operations Manager

    • As the title suggests, the general or operations manager is the see-it-all and do-it-all man in the company. He/She knows what happens within his company or organization at all times. He/She is on top of everything. The operations manager manages the human resource, the day-to-day operations, the production, marketing and sales, promotions and all the systems and purchases for the company. The operations manager can have sub-managers or unit managers under him. The operations manager makes sure that everything runs smoothly and the company generates profit.

Financial Controller

    • A finance manager, also known as finance controller or finance control officer manages the books of the company. He/She is responsible for balancing all the finances and reports to the general or operations manager. The finance manager is in charge of the payroll, the ledgers, the accounting, book keeping and the control of cash flow within the company or organization.