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Bachelor of Music in Theory

Bachelor of Music in TheoryMaking the Decision to Take On a Bachelor of Music in Performance Degree

Online courses are the newest innovations in the sector of education. As the demand for online schooling grows the number of schools, colleges, and universities that are accredited and duly recognized to offer online courses are also increasing. A Bachelor of Music in Theory program is one of the many courses that are becoming more and more popular for study from home activities. Majoring in theory is primarily aimed at becoming a teacher or professor in the future. It focuses mainly on theoretical knowledge such as the history and evolution of music as well as its numerous forms and the various factors that continuously shape it.

Qualification Levels

Studying online has recently become popular because of the many perks that come with it. The student no longer needs to go to school so he can save on transportation. He also need not follow schedules because he can choose when he will take his lessons. A Bachelor of Music in Theory degree is available in three levels of qualification.

Associate’s Level

This is the most basic qualification and it can be completed in just two years. All music students regardless of the major usually take up the same courses in their initial two years. This is because the courses tackled in this level are just the fundamentals of being qualified for a career in the music industry. This stage also serves as the trial period during which the student is to decide whether he really wants to pursue this particular path or not. If he chooses not to, he can shift to another course or use his associate’s qualification for employment. A par-time home tutor is often his main option. This is because those at an associate’s level are not certified to teach in schools, colleges, and universities. If he chooses to continue, he can advance to the next level of qualification.

Bachelor’s Level

A bachelor’s level of qualification can be achieved by adding to more years to an associate’s degree. This is also the stage wherein the student can get a certain set of subjects that match his chosen major. Those who major in the theory part of the course are intent on imparting their knowledge and skills to others. They are the ones determined to become teachers and professors after graduation. This qualification is the minimum required to be able to instruct in education institutions. They can also work as managers for performers and bands who require expert guidance for their work if they really want to be part of the music industry. If they choose to go to even higher heights and make more positions available for them then they can advance to master’s level.

Master’s Level

This advancement can be achieved by adding one year or more to a bachelor’s degree. The number of years needed to complete the qualification upgrade depends on the major the student has chosen. The major is likely to be similar to the major he picked in college. This is to make the student further specialized in his preferred field.

Doctor’s Level

This is the ultimate qualification of a theory major in music. It can be accomplished by completing two more years after becoming a master. A doctorate of the program automatically becomes an authority in his chosen major. He can choose the same major as during his master’s or choose a completely different major to add dimension to his expertise.