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Bachelor of Computer Information Systems

Bachelor of Computer Information Systems Degree Possibilities

Bachelor of Computer Information Systems

 We are in the modern age where almost everything can be run using computers. This is why the demand for computer related courses has skyrocketed in all corners of the globe. All universities and most colleges now offer a degree course in Bachelor of Computer Information Systems and graduating from it will ensure a student an easy time getting employed as jobs relevant to it can be found at almost every corner. The dynamic environment resulting from innovations and advancements that regularly occur in the said field will always keep your work life exciting and fresh.

Three Levels of a Bachelor of Computer Information Systems Degree


This level of study can be completed in just two years during which the fundamentals of the various fields of the information technology are learned. These two years will include theoretical discussions and computer work. The curriculum may vary depending on the approach and strategy of the university or college and may include but is not limited to the following.

  • Computer Networking

  • Computer Program Design

  • Data Structures

  • Database Introduction

  • Software Development

This degree of study is perfect for those who do need to get employed in the soonest possible time. It will make the student eligible for numerous positions such as computer scientist, database administrator, systems analyst, and a lot more. An associate’s degree will allow you to enter the world of information technology.


This degree of study adds two more years to the two study years of an associate’s degree making the program last a total of four years. This will also include specialisation in which the student will be more focused on a particular filed of his choosing. This is the best option for those who have a specific information technology related job they want to obtain. The courses will depend on the specialisation the student is pursuing and may include any combination of the common IT courses namely Business Communications, Computer Operating Systems, Database Management, Information Technology, JAVA Programming, and many more. The positions that may be filled by these bachelors are but not limited to:

  • Computer Security Specialist

  • Computer Support Technician

  • Data Communications Specialist

  • Network Administrator


This degree of study can be attained by studying for two more years after receiving a bachelor’s degree. The student will choose a specific field in which he will put all of his focus. He is also required to conduct a study and present the results of his thesis to a defense panel. It is up to him to convince the panel that he is able to contribute as a master of computer information systems. The courses that one may encounter in her quest for a doctor’s degree are but not limited to the following:

  • Computer Applications

  • Information Security

  • Networking Theory

  • Troubleshooting


This is the highest degree attainable and it requires a master to complete four more years of study. The student will once again focus on only one particular field. It may be the same or different from the field he chose in his master’s. The professions that come with a master’s degree are but not limited to:

  • Managers

  • Network Specialists

  • Researchers

  • Teachers

An individual can opt to take up all four degrees continuously or take them with time interval. He may also choose to practice work after the associate’s degree so he can earn while completing his bachelor’s, master’s, or doctorate degree. Many experts advise getting different fields for your master’s and doctorate so you can be more flexible.