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Permanent Makeup Certificate

How to Get Permanent Makeup Certificate

Permanent Makeup Certificate “Permanent Cosmetics” is a unique and fast growing industry. It is increasingly becoming important in different aspects of our lives, and its relevance goes beyond the beauty industry. It is one of those fields that have a very positive outlook not only in the US, but also across the world. A career in permanent cosmetics can be very rewarding especially for people who get fulfillment in helping others become more confident in their appearance. And what you need to get you started is just a Permanent Makeup Certificate.

It may help you to know that the field of permanent makeup is very diverse. Although most practitioners of permanent makeup are cosmetologists, health care professionals like nurses and physicians are increasingly going for Permanent Makeup Certificate.

Things you need to Know About Permanent Makeup Certificate

Permanent Makeup Certificate course can last for between three to six months, but the recommended duration is 6 months at an accredited cosmetology school with paid year long apprenticeship. Training will primarily focus on the art of permanent makeup application but must also involve courses that train you on the use and sterilization of makeup equipment and other health considerations.

When you are just getting started, you will have to learn fundamentals of permanent cosmetics including customer consultations, skin preparation and anesthetics, color theory, needle selection and operations, beauty mark addition or removal, permanent eyebrow, eyelash and lip liner procedures among others.

As you proceed with your Permanent Makeup Certificate training, you will undertake courses like areola restoration, scar camouflage, tattoo removal, cleft lip corrections and disease and disorder training. Course work can also include anatomy of the skin, care of permanent makeup applications and how to work with pigments. The best programs are those that give you both theoretical and hands on training.

To get the Permanent Makeup Certificate, your training must have helped you to acquire demonstrable unique artistic skills that can define and enhance facial features and cover up flaws or imperfections. You must also have acquired excellent paramedical skills.

Permanent Makeup Certificate programs are managed by different regulatory bodies depending on where you are. In the US, the department of health is the main regulatory authority but cosmetology state boards also play a crucial role in managing the practice. Professional organizations have also come up to regulate training and administer Permanent Makeup Certificate exams.

If you are keen on getting your Permanent Makeup Certificate, the society of permanent Cosmetic Professionals provides training and career information. Training and certification programs are also conducted by the American Academy of Micro-pigmentation in their quest to maintain high standards of professional performance and ethics.

With your Permanent Makeup Certificate, carrier opportunities are mainly available in salon and spa settings but it’s also possible to work in tattoo and photography studios. If you specialize in cosmetic reconstruction, you can be employed in health spas to help patients recover from defacing surgeries and other health conditions.