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Esthetics Certificate

How to Obtain an Esthetics Certificate

Esthetics CertificateThere are two types of Esthetics Certificate in the United States. These are basic and master. All states require estheticians to be certified before they can start working. In case you didn’t know, the esthetician is someone from the beauty services industry who specializes in skin care treatments. Some of the services that esthetician provides include laser treatment, microdermabrasion, facials, and waxing.

In order to get an Esthetics Certificate, the person must be able to satisfy three requirements, education, experience and passing the licensing test. These are required to qualify as an esthetician in the US. The number of hours of education required varies from one state to another but the average for the basic certificate is 650 hours and for master is 1,500 hours.


Esthetician programs don’t award diploma after completion. They have course hour requirement that is met by registering for skin care courses at accredited community college or beauty school. For basic esthetics certificate, you need four months of full-time study that includes courses on skin analysis, skin care treatments, and physical structure of the skin. The master esthetician certificate requires eight months of full study that tackles all the basic courses with the addition of chemical peels, laser skin abrasion, laser hair removal, and microderm abrasions.


The beauty school will try to find you a job in the skin care industry. This will allow you to fulfill the second require for esthetics certificate, experience. It allows you to have hands-on experience to apply the knowledge you’ve learn from the classroom. You must be able to fulfill the requirements of the employer so that he or she will give you a good reference. The experience and reference are vital to finding full time employment after getting the esthetics certificate.

Licensing Exam

The licensing exam for basic esthetics certificate is a mixture of practical and theoretical questions. The test is often in multiple-choice format and a test client. The applicant is judged based on one’s interaction with the client as well as the technical skills displayed during the test.

The exam for master esthetics certificate covers a wider range of topics. The theoretical part is a combination of written answers and multiple choice questions. For the practical part, it involves computer simulations and a test client to see the proficiency and skills of the applicant.

Once you got an esthetics certificate, you can work in a skin clinic, spa, specialty skin office, or a beauty salon. Most master estheticians work with plastic surgeons and dermatologists to help patients recover from the operation. As an esthetician, you must have good interpersonal skills to be about to build a good clientele base and also make them refer you to their friends and family.