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Electrolysis Certificate

How to Acquire an Electrolysis Certificate for a More Prosperous Future

Electolysis Certificate If you are looking a prosperous career in the beauty industry with great opportunities, you may want to consider earning an electrolysis certificate. Many educational institutions, today, are delving into the art of electrolysis to offer students a more secure career opportunity. Before you decide if electrolysis is right for you, you should first get a comprehensive understanding of all that the career encompasses.

Who is An Electrolysis Technician?

An electrolysis technician is an expert who focuses on removing body hair permanently by adding an electrical charge to destroy each distinctive hair follicle. Electrolysis has quickly become one of the most widespread beauty services available today.

The decision making process is generally the most important phase in the journey to acquire your electrolysis certificate. Once you are confident that the career field is right for you, start by contacting credible institutions that offer electrolysis programs. Most cosmetology institutions will have offer electrolysis as a part of a complete program. There are also specialized electrolysis institutions that only admit individuals are looking for a career in electrolysis. While this may vary with each state, typically the course will require that you complete a minimum of 120 to 600 hours of specialized training. The best thing to do is to contact your state’s board of health, and enquire about the requirements.

Courses You Will Have to Complete To Get Your Electrolysis Certificate

The program includes theoretical training and testing on various subject areas such as; Endocrinology, Anatomy, Dermatology, Bacteriology, follicle insertions treatment and Sterilization. The program is geared towards producing graduates with a comprehensive understanding of the career field. Practical training is also included helping graduates learn how to operate the latest specialized equipment. In most institutions, the curriculum will include lecture sessions, practical and theoretical exams, documented videos, in class discussion and various other methods. More focus is placed on giving students adequate practical training so that they can acquire sufficient experience to prepare them for a career as an electrolysis technician. Some institutions will offer internships at spas or hair salons as a part of the program so graduates can be fully prepared for the working world. With commitment and devotion, you can successfully complete the program in one year and while the wait may seem long; you will not regret getting your electrolysis certificate.

Job Outlook

After you have successful completed the journey to acquire your electrolysis certificate, you can begin your career as an electrolysis technician. Generally an entry-level electrolysis technician will make $32,000-$51,000 annually. Further qualifications and experience will affect your annual salary. Getting an electrolysis certificate can lead you to a more prosperous future. Most people will choose to work independently after getting their electrolysis certificate; however there are many salons, medical offices and spas that are seeking the services of certified electrolysis technicians.