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Bachelors of Science in Engineering Technology

Why Choose a Bachelors of Science in Engineering Technology Degree?

Bachelors of Science in Engineering TechnologyObtaining a Bachelors of Science in Engineering Technology degree is all about teaching students how to utilize various innovations and technological advancements to solve engineering problems. A student should therefore expect to tackle advance courses in applied mathematics and applied natural sciences. He will then combine the theoretical knowledge he gains through these courses with the prevailing principles of engineering. The primary purpose of integrating engineering with science and technology is to quicken the pace of human kind’s progress. The students will review existing technologies and formulate ways on how to improve them. They should also find measures to implement the improvements they have devised. Most common areas of application are:

  • Product improvement
  • Manufacturing process improvement
  • Engineering operational functions improvement

Engineering technologists almost always work as part of a team. Their familiarity with innovations and technological advancements will allow them to study theoretical designs and judge their feasibility. If the designs are realistic then the technologists will recommend ways on how to realize the designs in the fastest, safest, and most efficient manner. Graduate of the program can enter the industry of engineering through the following positions:

  • Calibration Engineer
  • Calibration Programmer
  • Network Supervisor
  • Process Analyst
  • Project Engineer
  • Systems Engineer
  • Technical Sales Engineer

Standard Admission Requirements

Students who plan to enrol for a degree program in Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology should make their preparations as early as secondary education. This is because most colleges and universities only accept to the program students who have above average grades in all their high school mathematics and science and technology subjects. The emphasis on competency in science courses is higher compared to other engineering majors because of how close the program works with scientific innovations and technological advancements. The students should also obtain high grades in the math and science portions of their college entrance exams.

Standard Program Setup

The degree program will implant unto the students analytical and critical thinking skills right from the first year. This is because practicing the profession revolves around identifying innovations and advancements and then analysing their strengths and flaws so that measures for their improvement can be proposed. It is important that the graduate spots the advantages and disadvantages of a product or process as soon as possible. The program will contain numerous laboratory classes that will help the student improve his problem solving skills through practical knowledge and experimentation. After all, they will become problem solvers in the future repeating the same question over and over again, “How can I make this better?”

Career Opportunities

Engineering technologists work primarily in the research and development department of a private or government institution. They will be given topics or specific products or processes to work on and they will try to find ways on how to improve them. The researchers are often left to their own devises such as which area to start on and determining the kinds of improvement that should be strived for. Researchers who manage to develop and create a much better version of a product or process can make huge sums of money because the eventual patenting of their product will entitle them to a portion of the revenues that will be generated by the product.

Alternatively, bachelors of the course can choose to practice as professors. They are then recognized as members of the education sector. They can opt to teach science and technology in high school or engineering technology in college.