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Bachelors of Science in Architecture

A Guide for Getting a Bachelors of Science Degree in Architecture

Bachelors of Science in ArchitectureCreating plans and designs for a building or structure is the primary task of an architect. He also leads the construction team to ensure that the blueprints are being followed accurately and adequately. To practice the profession an individual needs to have mastery of the existing operational and building codes applicable to the area where his blueprints are being transformed into reality. He should also know all available construction methods so he can select and apply the best and most efficient possible one. He also requires an active imagination that will allow him to create plans and designs that are refreshing and innovative. He should also be able to effectively use computers and other modern gadgets, tools, and equipment that can make his work a lot easier. He also needs above average communication and interpersonal skills since he will be talking to numerous individuals during the course of a project. The road to becoming a member of the profession is difficult and strict discipline and extreme resilience is required to be able to succeed and excel in the field.

The Road to Architecture

If you have plans to take up a program in Bachelors of Science in Architecture then you should start your preparations as early as secondary school. You should take all your mathematics and science subjects seriously. You should do better than average and try to excel on them. If you cannot perform well on the said subjects then you should consider taking up another course because the said subjects are the very core of the degree. If on the other hand you find the subjects relatively easy then you have made the right choice of career. When you are certain you have the necessary competencies in the two core subjects it is time to look for a college or university. Make sure that you verify that an education institution is accredited to offer architecture courses before sending them your application. And make sure to send your application before your last year of high school is over. Also ensure that all the required documents are prepared and ready.

Select Your Program

You have three routes to choose from. First is taking up a five-year course in Bachelors of Science in Architecture. The second is to take up a bachelor’s degree with master’s advancement. In this route, the first four years are just the same as the first route. The difference lies in the fifth year in which you will start receiving master’s units. After graduating as bachelor you will immediately go on to pursuing a college degree. The third route is finishing an unrelated bachelor’s degree program and then completing a master’s course in architecture that usually takes three to four years. This final route allows you to be more versatile. The first path is the most popular choice is the most popular since it requires the least number of years.

Making the Application

When your final year of college arrives you should busy yourself preparing to obtain experience and the best way to do so is by selecting established architectural firms and sending them internship requests. Becoming an apprentice of an experienced professional will be able to teach you things beyond what can be taught inside a classroom. You will perform architectural work under the guidance and supervision of an expert. You have an idea what the real world will be like when you begin practicing the profession.