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Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

Make Our World a Safer Place with a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

If you have the passion to fight for what is right and to protect the public from criminals and other ailments of society then a degree in Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice just might be the college undergraduate degree program you are looking for. The program will arm you with what you need to become a good and effective steward of justice. Common jobs of stewards of justice are:

  • Police Officers

  • Corrections Officers

  • Court System Employees

In other words, stewards of justice are the enforcers of criminal justice. The criminal justice system functions to:

  • Keep the Society Under Control

  • Prevent Crimes

  • Enforce Laws

  • Administer Justice

Growing Demand

The world has recently been rattled to the core by the global financial crisis that caused economic meltdowns all almost everywhere. The crisis led to a worse economic and financial condition for individuals especially those on the lower end of the social bracket. The dire times that came afterwards forced many people into committing crimes as a last resort. Due to the increasing crime rate the two primary enforcement bodies of criminal justice are now in need of more manpower, hence an increase in the demand for graduates of Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice.

Primary Agencies of the Criminal Justice System

1. Law Enforcement

This agency is comprised mainly of the police force. It is tasked with preventing crimes and catching criminals as well as promoting public safety. The police force is the first line of defence against criminals.

2. Courts and Corrections

This agency is made up of lawyers, jurors, and judges. It is tasked at holding trials to determine the innocence or guilt of suspected criminals. It is also tasked to determine the sentence for those found to be guilty.

The demand for additional workforce in both primary agencies is expected to remain at around 25% for several more years to come.

Professional Qualifications

The tough times of today require highly competent law enforcers. New graduates should therefore be highly knowledgeable and also highly skilled so they can cope up with any situation and deliver the highest quality of service to the public. Graduates of the course can have the following positions:

  • Police Officers

  • Sheriff’s Patrol Officers

  • Correctional Officers

  • Correctional Jailers

  • Private Detectives

  • Private Investigators

  • Police Detectives

  • Police Investigators

  • Security Guards

Available Qualification Levels

1. Associate’s Degree

This is the most popular qualification level because it takes only two years to finish yet the employment possibilities that come with its completion are numerous. Associates of criminal justice can work at:

  • Corrections

  • Courts

  • Criminal Justice

  • Forensic Science

  • Homeland Security

  • Intelligence Agencies

  • Juvenile Justice

  • Private Investigations

2. Bachelor’s Degree

This is the minimum qualification needed before a steward of justice is trusted to have his own subordinates. Bachelors of criminal justice are skilled in communications and interpersonal skills as well as critical thinking and problem solving competencies. If you want to be more than just a police officer then completing the degree will be a good option for you.

3. Master’s Degree

This level of qualification allows the student to specialize in his chosen area of criminal justice. If you want to reach the high ranking positions then you need to have this level of advancement.