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Bachelor of Social Work

Welcome to the World of Social Work Careers Which Require a Bachelor Degree

Bachelor of Social Work First thing’s first. If you have just decided to pursue a Bachelor of Social Work degree then give yourself a pat in the back and congratulate yourself for your commitment to helping society. Society is always in the need for more social workers. Everyone respects and looks up to social workers who give significant amounts of time and energy to make the world a better place.

What Does a Social Worker Do?

A social worker is one that provides guidance and direction to people who have lost their way and therapy to people who are in need of healing. A social worker serves as a liaison between the government and the poor. He is entrusted with utilizing allotted government funds into various projects and campaigns that will help improve the condition of the less fortunate. Feeding and education programs are the most common activities facilitated by social workers. Medical missions are also very popular especially to remote areas where the nearest medical center is very far. A social worker may also engage in helping crime victims achieve justice and complete rehabilitation.

Who Should Get into the Field of Social Work?

People with the genuine desire of offering themselves to help better the current condition of the deprived members of the society are the ones best suited for the job.

What are the Educational Requirements Needed to Become a Social Worker?

An individual can start taking a degree in Bachelor of Social work after finishing his secondary education. A degree is needed so that you will be better equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills when dealing with the less fortunate. The more knowledge and skills you have the more you will be able to share to people. You can choose to take part in regular even daily programs and missions. You can also choose to be a researcher and focus on developing strategies and approaches to help improve social welfare. You can also select to become a teacher and help improve society by educating the children.

What are the career opportunities available to social workers?

There are four general sectors where a social worker can find employment.

  • Government Agencies
  • Public Welfare Groups
  • Rehabilitation Centers
  • Social Service Institutions

Keep in mind however the monetary compensation is not the primary aim of becoming a social worker but the improvement you can bring to society. You should be content with the self fulfillment that comes with helping others. You can also choose to be a part time social worker and get a part time or full time second job that can provide you with the monetary benefits you require or need.

What are Other Benefits of Finishing the Course?

Social work is highly respected and requires a lot of interaction especially with the poor. Thus you are likely to develop good relations with the underprivileged. They may try to give back to you in their own little ways such as sharing with you some of their commodities or inviting you to special occasions. Nothing can be more fulfilling that knowing your hard work is being well appreciated.

Social work is often a life-long advocacy. Regardless whether you continue being a social worker or not you can always continue to help the other members of society. Even if you have moved on to another profession you can go back to promoting social welfare anytime even for just one activity. Your background as a social worker will also be of use if you happen to open your own business or decide to do public practice in the future as your good name will surely make you priority choice for the consumers.