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Bachelor of Science in English Literature

Discover More than the Art of Written Work with a Bachelor of Science in English Literature Degree

Bachelor of Science in English LiteratureHas the study of the English Literature always fascinated you? Can you picture yourself as a writer, an editor or a linguist professor? If the answer is yes, then a Bachelor of Science in English Literature is the right degree for you.

Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature

The study of English Literature has long demonstrated its value as a conventional discipline that promotes imagination, intellectual precision, and inculcates a critical grasp of humanities and liberal values. This program prepares the students to have an extensive background in a myriad of fields beyond the discipline including management, law, diplomacy, journalism, academe, publishing and other related fields. It highlights the evolution of cultural and historical aspects of English literature from Anglo-Saxon period to the twenty-first century, which also covers the works of selected authors and different genres of English literature.

The classroom learning within this program is not only confined on reading literary pieces but also provides venue for critical analysis and in-depth study of the literary works presented. This degree may include classes but not limited to English, linguistics, humanities, mathematics, science and social sciences.

Moreover, the Bachelor of Science in English Literature requires four years of study. If you want to continue advanced studies, there are postgraduate courses as well, the master’s degree and doctorate degree in English Literature.

Why Should You Study English Literature?

Literature has always been a part of human civilization and cultural heritage that may enrich humanity in a myriad of ways.  You may find literary works inspiring, amusing, amazing, funny, or terrible once you have passed through the obstacles that make studying literature appear daunting. Literature can bring out deeper emotions, profundity of ideas, and insights into one’s character. It can take you beyond life experiences and show the world in different ways. Literature can also awaken you emotionally and intellectually that may deepen your spiritual connection to yourself and others while providing an understanding of life and society.

In addition, literature can give you a glimpse of the earlier years. Glimpse of the Romans in Shakespeare’s plays, for instance, may take your imaginations back to the roots of early life and culture, along with the awareness of continuity and change from the past up to this contemporary world.

What are the Needed Skills for English Literature study?

  • Write clearly and concisely, with exact spelling, punctuation and grammar.
  • Examine text and analyze critically.
  • Evaluate the credibility of resources.
  • Make legitimate, reasoned arguments on a regular basis, and back-up arguments with important facts and significant points
  • Creativity and organizational skills

Salary and Job opportunities for English Literature graduates

If you are a graduate of Bachelor of Science in English Literature degree program, your career path is not only limited to academe, writing, or publishing. There are various job opportunities for literature graduates, for instance, they can work in government institutions, cultural research centers and training institutions.

In the reports released by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics in May 2012, the top industries that employ the most number of this profession were Business Schools and Computer and Management Training, Technical and Trade Schools, Junior Colleges, Colleges, Universities, and Professional Schools and other Schools and Instruction. Furthermore, based on the reports, the top paying states for this profession included California, New York, Alaska, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire.

Based on U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics the average annual salary expectation for English literature teacher may range from $32,110 to $115,530. With this rough estimation, it is not far that other career options for English literature have the same or even higher wages, particularly with those in the publishing industry.

With all these benefits, the bachelor’s degree in English literature proves to be a great option for a college education program.