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Bachelor of Pharmacy

Another Recession Proof Career – Bachelor of Pharmacy

Bachelor of Pharmacy

Pharmacists are an indispensable part of any society. They are tasked with filling up prescriptions to make sure that an individual gets the correct medication to improve his condition. Contrary to popular belief, pharmacists are not simply people who count out medication doses. They have several more important functions and their roles can advance into more specific tasks and obligations. Through numerous decades Bachelor of Pharmacy degree holders have been one of the most stable courses, career paths, and professions in the world.

Recession Resistant

The global financial crisis that has caused economic meltdowns all across the globe has caused drastic effects on the demand for numerous jobs. As individuals and artificial entities alike have tightened their budgets and lessened their spending many employees have been laid off and millions of people became unemployed. Pharmacists however were hardly affected by the economic plague. This is because as long as there are pharmacies, hospitals, and medical boutiques there will also be the need for pharmacists. These establishments are necessary for the maintenance of good health for the citizens and will therefore continue to exist no matter how harsh the economic conditions become.

Four Levels of Qualification

A student of pharmacy can choose among four levels of qualification namely:

Associate’s Degree

This is the lowest qualification level and it includes only the basic principles of the profession. A graduate of this course is considered ineligible to become a professional pharmacist. The highest he can go professionally is as a med tech or pharmacist tech which serves as an assistant to a pharmacist. Hospitals and huge pharmacists may hire one or more techs depending on the amount of customers they receive at a regular basis.

Bachelor’s Degree

This qualification is the minimum required to be able to practice as a professional pharmacist and call himself a Bachelor of Pharmacy. The course will equip him with the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge to fulfill the duties that come with his profession.

Master’s Degree

This is an advanced qualification that can only be taken by bachelors in the profession. It allows the pharmacist to pursue specialization of a field of his choosing. The bachelor will need not only to complete a set of courses but also to conduct a study and present and defend his findings to a panel of experts. The study must prove to be beneficial to the medicinal community.

Doctor’s Degree

This is the ultimate qualification of the profession and the final advancement of a degree in Bachelor of Pharmacy. It is available only to those who have already achieved a status of master. The master will only be able to advance if he is able to make a significant contribution in the profession.

Benefits of the Degree

Earning the degree will assure you of employment because there are always retail pharmacies and public and private hospitals that require the services of pharmacists. You can also opt to sell medicine directly to doctors that will entitle you to huge commissions and bonuses. You can work in the public sector and benefit from stability and numerous benefits such as retirement benefits and pension. You can work in the private sector and enjoy high salaries. You can work in the education sector and be a teacher and help rear the next generation of pharmacists.

Popular Degree Programs

  • Associate of Arts in Pharmacy Practice

  • Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences

  • M.S. in Pharmaceutical Sciences

  • Working Professional Doctor of Pharmacy