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Bachelor of Science in Religion

Complete a Bachelor of Science in Religion Degree and Obtain a New Outlook on Life

Bachelor of Science in Religion

Religion plays a huge part in the way society works in the past and in the present. It affects an individual in various levels from one’s individual day to day activities to huge events such as conflicts. Even an individual’s outlook in life and opinion on various matters is influenced by his religion. Religion is also subject to interpretation. Even those of the same faith may have different understanding of their doctrines and teachings. This is the reason why the world needs professionals who understand the history and inner workings of religion. You can be one of these professionals by completing a Bachelor of Science in Religion online degree program or at a preferred university.

General Topics

Religion and theology are the primary subjects that you will take up as you go through the degree program. You will gain knowledge of the most popular religions and choose to specialise in one or more early on. You will learn about the history of religion and how the major religions came into being. You will also know of the various traditions followed by the followers of the said religions. And lastly, you will understand how society views particular religions.

Aspects of Faith

There are certain things that should be made clear when studying a certain religion. The student must first be aware of the various rituals performed by the followers including each step and its accompanying meaning. The moral systems of the followers should also be studied along with their beliefs and how these beliefs affect the culture of the past and the present.


A Bachelor of Science in Religion degree is centered on the study of the multiculturalism of religion rather that its actual theology or faith in order to diversify the career options that are made available to students after graduation. They are no longer limited to rendering religious service. They knowledge and deep understanding of religion they have acquired can also be used for a career in journalism, business or even politics. The course is no longer one dimensional as it can now lead you to employment in various sectors of society.


The science of religion is available in several levels of qualification. A two-year associate’s degree or a four-year bachelor’s degree is often sufficient for students who want to venture into other fields such as journalism, business, or politics. Those you want to dedicate their life to religious service can aim for a master’s and then a doctorate degree so he can qualify for promotion through the ranks.

Basic Subjects

The first two years of the program is dedicated to the study of the core subjects. Here the students are trained to develop the value of professionalism. They also increase their knowledge base by studying religious texts and interpreting religious values. The four general subjects for the initial years are commonly:

  • Social science

  • World civilization

  • Religious doctrine

  • Public speaking

Major Religions

There are five major religions in the world based on the number of followers and the popularity of the teachings. It is important that a student of religion has extensive knowledge in all of them.

  • Christian

  • Islam

  • Judaism

  • Buddhism

  • Hinduism

The focus of the Bachelor of Science in Religion course contrary to popular belief is not about knowing the history and events surrounding religion. Rather, it is about understanding the ripples each of the major religions make on modern society. Bachelor of Science in Religion intends to find ways on how religion can coexist with the seemingly unstoppable advance of science and technology.