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Bachelor of Science in Education

Why Study Bachelor of Science in Education?

Bachelor of Science in Education

Who influenced you most? Who introduced you to the world of knowledge? Who inspired you to pursue that career? Most people only have one answer to these questions, “Teacher”. We call them in different names like mentor, coach, instructor, professor, sir, madam, miss, mister, educators and so on. They are motivators who mold our character and help us to be a better person. They help in building a nation of thinkers, innovators and creators. They are the catalysts of change and knowledge. They are the unsung heroes of today.

Bachelor’s degree in education

Becoming a teacher entails not only a life-long learning but a lifetime commitment to making a difference in students’ lives. The Bachelor of Science in Education is a study designed to educational disciplines. There are various specializations to choose from in this program like specialization in secondary education, elementary education and special education.

This Bachelor of Science in Education degree program is designed for students without previous teaching experience. It encompasses education in most educational disciplines, assisting you to develop confidence as a general studies teacher within an elementary class room setting. Blending academic theory with related coursework, field experiences and student education, the program was created to align with national standards specified by the Association for Childhood Education International (ACEI), and comprises all the essential components necessary to simply help prepare you for a lifetime career in education.

The degree’s main focus is to prepare the students in different methods of teaching, which is an essential element of the Teacher Education Program. It offers students a field based experience in the proper class teaching. Most of the education degree programs students are required to finish at the least 100 hours of verified field experiences, covering many different developmental levels. The focus of every observation will connect to particular class content. Documentation is going to be kept within the student’s professional portfolio.

Certification and Licensing

Requirements for certification may vary per state. Nevertheless, all states require at the very least a bachelor’s degree and all states require teachers in public schools to become licensed, which can be often called a certificate. Those who work in private schools aren’t required to have a licensed. However it is still best to get one as a proof of your competency. High school teachers usually are given a second or high school certificate. This enables them all to educate the 7th through the 12th grades.

Moreover, teachers have to complete yearly professional development courses to maintain their permit. Most states require teachers to pass a background check always, plus some states require teachers to finish a master’s degree after receiving their certificate.

There are as well alternative courses offered for those who currently have a bachelor’s degree but lack the training classes needed for certification. Some alternative certificate programs enable candidates to start teaching immediately under the supervision of a skilled teacher. These programs cover teaching growth and techniques. Once they completed the program, candidates are given full certificate. To find out more about alternative certification programs, contact the National Center for Alternative Certification.

Employment Opportunities for Teachers

Education graduates have great potentials in all education level depending on their specialization. For experienced teachers they can be head teachers, dean, chancellors, school counselors, school librarians, instructional coordinators, or department heads. And according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics the median yearly salary for teachers in May 2012 was $65,000. With this study, it is possible that the median annual wage of teachers may also increase in a decade time.

Making a difference to someone’s life is already fulfilling how much more if you are able to change hundreds of lives with this noble profession? Choosing Bachelor of Science in Education for your college degree will always be a great decision.