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Bachelor of Music in Music Education

Going for a Bachelor of Music in Music Education Degree

Bachelors of Music in Music Education

Music is one of the most influential things in the world. Its reach is comprehensive and it can be understood by anybody. Everyone loves music. Some even love so much that they want to make a living off it. Being a performer or a composer however is very unstable. It may take years before you can make decent income. You will likely be forced to work part-time to secure your financial well being while waiting for someone to notice your talents and give you a break. There is however one career path that is a lot stable and a lot more available. This path is teaching. All you need to become a music teacher is finish a degree in Bachelor of Music in Music Education and pass the Teachers License Exams. With these two requirements met, finding a school, college, or university with a vacant position would be very easy.

The Beginning

The first two years of your study of Bachelor of Music in Music Education will focus primarily on introducing you to music and its very essence. You will know about the history and evolution of music. You will also tackle the different forms of music and how they came to be. You will study not only about the classics but also about the modern versions such as alternative and rap. You will also be introduced with various musical instruments though mostly through theoretical instruction.

Other Classes

It does not mean that just because you chose to major in music you will study only music classes. You will still need to tackle the fundamental subjects such as English, History, Math, and Science and Technology. You will still need to pass them if you are to earn your degree as bachelor. Do not fret because they would likely be at the beginner level which you can understand easily. You also need basic knowledge of all important subjects so you can use that stock knowledge to pass the Teacher’s License Exams.

Other Majors

As a future instruction you must also possess at least basic or even intermediate theoretical knowledge of the other majors of instruction. The most popular major is performance. In this major you will learn how to use your voice properly as well as produce quality sound with our chosen instrument. The course will also teach you about proper stage presence when performing. The final task of this level is to perform with a group in front of hundreds of people.

Composition is another major of music. It is about writing music and then interpreting it by yourself or by someone else. The most basic subjects here are merely writing and reading music notes. Then you will take up advanced techniques which includes the study of existing strategies. You will determine how those pieces of music were composed and then create your own composition technique. The final task of a student in composition is writing an entire sonata or concerto and then having it graded by the experts who were able to listen to the piece.

Become a teacher of music if you want to share your love of music to as many people as possible. It will surely cause you a strong feeling of self-fulfillment knowing that you have helped children discover their liking for music. If you have a passion for music but are also in dire need of finances, the program is definitely right for you.