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Bachelor of Divinity

Career Benefits of a Bachelor of Divinity Degree

Bachelor of DivinityThe Bachelor of Divinity degree has garnered an ever growing fame because of the increasing number of people who want to help guide people to the right path. More and more universities and colleges are also recognizing the booming demand for the program and more and more kinds of ministry degrees are now being offered. The increased number of choices increases one’s options but at the same tame also makes it more difficult to select the one that is best suited for him. The ministry has numerous positions that are always looking for people of the faith to fill them.

Both Job and Calling

Most of the people who decide to take a degree in Bachelor of Divinity did so because they have received a calling urging them to be a messenger of faith. Being a member of the divinity, ministry, or theology is not just a calling that helps people and provides a sense of self fulfillment but also a job that can lead to significant earnings. Devotees may also offer you donations to help your go through the day and in spending for your programs and campaigns for promoting awareness of the faith.


Being a man of faith is a flexible profession. You can choose it to be a part time occupation. This is ideal if the religious group has less than a hundred members and they can pay only around $30,000 per annum. A part time arrangement is advisable in this case because it will allow the individual to have time to do another job. This way you can answer your calling while also earning enough to have a decent way of life.

You also have the option of going full time by being a head pastor or senior minister at a large Church and earn more than $75,000 a year along with a wide array of benefits. Leading the way of the faith for large groups that have thousands of members how ever may require you to first get a master’s degree.


Being the head of a large church or group is not the only path a divinity graduate can take. There are numerous specialized jobs that he can focus on. Large churches in particular have numerous positions available. You can choose to apply as a head of just a particular sector of a church such as its family ministry, youth ministry, or even its musical ministry. You can try and find a section that involves things that you love to do such as your hobbies.

The church is also not the only play a graduate of the degree can work at. You can be a missionary and travel to various places spreading the word of God. You can be a religious scholar researching divine texts and solving religious puzzles. You can be a prison counselor helping convicted criminals get back on the right track and blend with society again when they get released. You can be a death row counselor and help dead men walking repent for their sins at the last moment. You can be a hospital counselor and help the sick remain faithful and find healing by God. You can work basically anywhere.

Competitive Advantage

Some churches especially the small ones accept heads or ministers that do not have a relevant degree but they will always prefer those who have finished the course. Having the degree will also make you eligible for promotion to higher ranks.