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Bachelor of Fine Arts

What You Need to Know About Bachelor of Fine Arts

Bachelor of Fine Arts

A Bachelor of Fine Arts is a degree pursued mostly by those who have a passion for the arts such as designing, digital media, film, painting, photography, sculpture, and many more. It is a path for those who are confident enough that their God given talents are enough to make a living out of or those who come from the upper echelon of society who need not worry about making a living and only care about their leisure. Regardless of the reason for choosing the course the students are advised to know what they are getting themselves into so that they can be prepared for what is to come with the degree.

Primary Courses

1. Art History

This is all about knowing how works of art came into creation. It revolves around the understanding of the circumstances and events that led to how an artwork has reached its current state and location. This is often the preferred course of those who want to become curators.

2. Art Theory and Criticism

This is all about understanding the mental and emotional processes that led to an artist creating a particular piece of work. It also includes interpretation and evaluation of the artwork.

3. Performing Arts

This involves all forms of entertainment such as singing, dancing, etc. It helps the student grow in his chosen field and become a great performer or teacher.

4. Painting, Drawing, Sculpture, and Photography

This provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary to create art using oil and canvas, pencils and brushes, wood and marble, or pictures and images.

5. Digital Art

This is all about creating art using modern technology. It is the best path to take for those who aspire to become animators.

Types of Degrees

There are varying levels of Bachelor of Fine Arts to choose from. You should take into consideration the maximum possible position or status as an artist you want to achieve with the time frame during which you need to start to make money.

1. Associate of Fine Arts

This qualification tackles only the basic foundations of the course. It only provides the minimum required level of knowledge and skills for an individual to be able to land a job or make a living on his own. It is the shortest path and takes only two years to complete.

2. Bachelor of Fine Arts

This is the minimum required qualification for almost all professional art positions and it takes four years to complete. It provides students with both basic and advised theoretical and practical knowledge regarding their chosen field of specialization.

3. Master of Fine Arts

This is an advancement that can be attempted only by those already holding a bachelor’s degree. Unlike in other master courses, that of fine arts does not have a specific time frame of completion. Master status can be achieved is as quickly as two years but an individual may also strive for it for years or even decades and not complete it. This is because it all depends on the thesis. Unless a student is able to present and defend a good thesis he will not be considered eligible to be a master. Most museums require a master status for their curator and other high level positions.

Career Opportunities

There are numerous employment possibilities available to holders of the degree. A holder can become any of the following:

  • Independent artists, writers, and performers

  • Member of the entertainment industry

  • Specialized design services

  • Professor in a college or university

  • A member of print and television media

  • An animation specialist