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Bachelor of Engineering

Bachelor of Engineering – The Four QualificationsBachelor of Engineering

An engineer is one of the most trusted professions in the world because they are responsible for making sure that the numerous structures we use or encounter in our daily activities are safe and able to perform the functions intended for them. Engineers make things happen. They transform the designs and blueprints created by architects into reality. They are problem solvers. Architects tell them what a building or any other structure should be and they find ways to do it. There are four levels in the study of Engineering. It is best to know all of them so you can choose the one that will best work for you.

Diploma in Engineering – 1 to 3 Years

This is referred to as associate in engineering in which a student studies only a certain part of the profession also to only a certain extent. It works best for those who for some reason are not capable of completing a full baccalaureate degree. Common hindrances may be financial problems and the urgent need to get employed and earn money as soon as possible. Graduates of this level often end up as assistants or in the rank and file of engineering firms.

Bachelor of Engineering – 4 Years

This is the minimum requirement for anyone who wants to become an engineer. Even the most skilled and experienced engineering assistants need this in order to get promoted. During this course the student will learn all the theoretical knowledge needed by the profession in general and by the field of specialisation he has chosen. He will also acquire the necessary skills and introductory experience through mock projects and on-the-job training. He will gain first hand experience with the assistance of experts. Completing the degree will also allow him to take the Engineer License Exams to obtain an Engineering License which is the only way an individual can be considered as a professional engineer.

Master of Engineering – 5 to 6 Years

A graduate of a Bachelor of Engineering program can take his knowledge and expertise to the next level by obtaining a master’s degree in engineering. This advancement can be accomplished in two ways. The first method is coursework in which the bachelor completes several series of advanced classes in his chosen field of specialization to greatly increase his theoretical knowledge of the applications and technical concepts of the profession. The second way is through research work. In this method, the bachelor performs a small project and then writes a thesis based on what he has learned while doing the project. The primary aim of the theses is discovering new strategies and approaches as well as innovations that may benefit the engineering community as a whole.

Doctor of Engineering – 3 Years

This is the highest degree of engineering qualification. It can only be achieved through research work and presenting a thesis that makes a significant contribution to the engineering community. All masters who have managed to upgrade to the title of doctor have become well-known among their colleagues because of the useful innovations they have contributed. Only students with the most outstanding academic records and critical thinking skills are permitted to take the qualification.

Research work is often the preferred path chosen when upgrading to a master or doctorate degree because it is less strict and allows the individual to continue with his employment without much hassle. A significant contribution may also lead to instant fame and acknowledgement by the community as well as huge earnings due to the patent.