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Bachelor of Science in Molecular Biology

Bachelor of Science in Molecular Biology: Breaking Down Identities

Bachelor Master of Science in Molecular BiologyOne of the most popular molecular biologists in our time is Bonnie Lynn Bassler. She is an American and one of the members of the faculty at the Princeton University. She completed her doctorate degree at Johns Hopkins University and was acclaimed for her research on quorum sensing or the communication between bacteria.

Bassler is one of the few brilliant scientists who spend long hours at the laboratory studying the microscopic cells and molecules that could provide solutions to humanity’s problems in medicine and other fields were molecular biology applies.

Molecular biologists are very rare and not all people dedicate their time and interest in the field. The history of Molecular Biology can be traced in 1869 from Friedrich Miescher, a Swiss scientist who discovered the “nuclein,” a Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) with associated proteins. This DNA is separate from cell nuclei. Miescher was the first to identify DNA as a distinct and separate molecule. For those who are not aware, the cell nucleus is composed of DNA and proteins. That is why we say that the building blocks of our body are the proteins.

How to Become a Molecular Biologist?

The road to becoming a Molecular Biologist is long and complicated. It is not an easy career to build but for those who are really interested in biology, chemistry, and physics, then tracing Bassler’s footsteps would be quite fun.

Princeton University, Harvard University and Johns Hopkins University offer Master of Science in Molecular Biology, a graduate degree for students who have acquired or completed a Bachelor of Science in Microbiology or any related degree in science like Biology, Cell Biology or Biochemistry.

There are at least 250 schools, colleges and universities in United States that offer bachelor’s degree programs for students who want to pursue and master Molecular Biology as a career.

Harvard University, Stanford University, Yale University and Johns Hopkins University are top-notch schools for Bachelor of Science in Molecular Biology and other related degrees. These universities have the best programs because of their accreditation from international associations and accreditation bodies for Molecular Biology and other Sciences.

A Bachelor of Science in Molecular Biology degree deals with the study of interaction and characteristics of DNA, RNA and proteins. The study also covers how these proteins affect the organism as a whole. Since it was discovered as a field in 1930s, advancements were already seen in the field such as discovery of DNA and RNA, DNA Fingerprinting, Genetic Modification, Cloning and Human Genome Project.

They say that Molecular Biology connects the fields of chemistry, physics and biology. It is more specialized and more detailed than Cell Biology.

The average salary of molecular biologists is US $49,000 to US $97,000. To become a successful Molecular Biologist, it is important to complete the required bachelor’s and master’s degrees, participate in research projects and master the needed skills in using new technologies. Molecular Biologists usually work in the government research centers, private hospital and medical research facilities, private companies involve in medicine and pharmaceuticals, product research and development and in the academe. The career path is limited but with the small number of people completing the career path, those who survive will definitely get jobs with high salary grades or either becomes one of the most-respected Molecular Biologists in the field.